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Greek to English 번역가 및 통역사 » General fields

Greek to English Tech/Engineering 번역가 (13848)
Greek to English Art/Literary 번역가 (2170)
Greek to English Medical 번역가 (9356)
Greek to English Law/Patents 번역가 (26362)
Greek to English Science 번역가 (7570)
Greek to English Bus/Financial 번역가 (540)
Greek to English Marketing 번역가 (1232)
Greek to English Other 번역가 (787)
Greek to English Social Sciences 번역가 (305)

Greek to English 번역가 및 통역사 » Specific fields

Greek to English 번역가: Accounting (321)
Greek to English 번역가: Advertising / Public Relations (801)
Greek to English 번역가: Aerospace / Aviation / Space
Greek to English 번역가: Agriculture (197)
Greek to English 번역가: Livestock / Animal Husbandry
Greek to English 번역가: Anthropology
Greek to English 번역가: Archaeology
Greek to English 번역가: Architecture
Greek to English 번역가: Art, Arts & Crafts, Painting (525)
Greek to English 번역가: Astronomy & Space
Greek to English 번역가: Finance (general)
Greek to English 번역가: Automation & Robotics (125)
Greek to English 번역가: Automotive / Cars & Trucks (361)
Greek to English 번역가: Biology (-tech,-chem,micro-) (315)
Greek to English 번역가: Botany
Greek to English 번역가: Construction / Civil Engineering (348)
Greek to English 번역가: Business/Commerce (general) (840)
Greek to English 번역가: Materials (Plastics, Ceramics, etc.) (136)
Greek to English 번역가: Certificates, Diplomas, Licenses, CVs (721)
Greek to English 번역가: Chemistry; Chem Sci/Eng (227)
Greek to English 번역가: Poetry & Literature
Greek to English 번역가: Cinema, Film, TV, Drama (883)
Greek to English 번역가: Textiles / Clothing / Fashion
Greek to English 번역가: Telecom(munications) (537)
Greek to English 번역가: Computers (general)
Greek to English 번역가: Computers: Hardware
Greek to English 번역가: Computers: Software (546)
Greek to English 번역가: Computers: Systems, Networks
Greek to English 번역가: Law: Contract(s) (620)
Greek to English 번역가: Cooking / Culinary (507)
Greek to English 번역가: Cosmetics, Beauty (396)
Greek to English 번역가: Medical: Dentistry (161)
Greek to English 번역가: Media / Multimedia
Greek to English 번역가: Economics (563)
Greek to English 번역가: Education / Pedagogy
Greek to English 번역가: Electronics / Elect Eng (305)
Greek to English 번역가: Energy / Power Generation (255)
Greek to English 번역가: Engineering (general) (389)
Greek to English 번역가: Engineering: Industrial
Greek to English 번역가: Mechanics / Mech Engineering (287)
Greek to English 번역가: Nuclear Eng/Sci
Greek to English 번역가: Environment & Ecology (422)
Greek to English 번역가: Esoteric practices (102)
Greek to English 번역가: Fisheries
Greek to English 번역가: Folklore
Greek to English 번역가: Food & Drink (467)
Greek to English 번역가: Forestry / Wood / Timber
Greek to English 번역가: Furniture / Household Appliances
Greek to English 번역가: Games / Video Games / Gaming / Casino (451)
Greek to English 번역가: Mining & Minerals / Gems (57)
Greek to English 번역가: Genealogy
Greek to English 번역가: General / Conversation / Greetings / Letters (654)
Greek to English 번역가: Genetics (123)
Greek to English 번역가: Geography (251)
Greek to English 번역가: Geology (76)
Greek to English 번역가: Government / Politics
Greek to English 번역가: Photography/Imaging (& Graphic Arts)
Greek to English 번역가: Medical: Health Care
Greek to English 번역가: History
Greek to English 번역가: Tourism & Travel (1124)
Greek to English 번역가: Human Resources (375)
Greek to English 번역가: Idioms / Maxims / Sayings (199)
Greek to English 번역가: Insurance (202)
Greek to English 번역가: International Org/Dev/Coop
Greek to English 번역가: Internet, e-Commerce
Greek to English 번역가: Investment / Securities
Greek to English 번역가: Metallurgy / Casting
Greek to English 번역가: IT (Information Technology) (440)
Greek to English 번역가: Journalism
Greek to English 번역가: Real Estate (236)
Greek to English 번역가: Law (general)
Greek to English 번역가: Law: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright
Greek to English 번역가: Law: Taxation & Customs (259)
Greek to English 번역가: Linguistics (530)
Greek to English 번역가: Transport / Transportation / Shipping
Greek to English 번역가: Management
Greek to English 번역가: Manufacturing
Greek to English 번역가: Ships, Sailing, Maritime
Greek to English 번역가: Marketing / Market Research
Greek to English 번역가: Mathematics & Statistics (139)
Greek to English 번역가: Medical (general) (691)
Greek to English 번역가: Medical: Cardiology (174)
Greek to English 번역가: Medical: Instruments
Greek to English 번역가: Medical: Pharmaceuticals (405)
Greek to English 번역가: Meteorology (28)
Greek to English 번역가: Metrology (29)
Greek to English 번역가: Military / Defense
Greek to English 번역가: Music (379)
Greek to English 번역가: Names (personal, company) (109)
Greek to English 번역가: Nutrition
Greek to English 번역가: Petroleum Eng/Sci
Greek to English 번역가: Other (142)
Greek to English 번역가: Paper / Paper Manufacturing (38)
Greek to English 번역가: Patents (102)
Greek to English 번역가: Philosophy (336)
Greek to English 번역가: Physics (129)
Greek to English 번역가: Printing & Publishing
Greek to English 번역가: Psychology
Greek to English 번역가: Religion
Greek to English 번역가: Retail (105)
Greek to English 번역가: Safety
Greek to English 번역가: SAP
Greek to English 번역가: Science (general) (442)
Greek to English 번역가: Slang
Greek to English 번역가: Social Science, Sociology, Ethics, etc. (505)
Greek to English 번역가: Sports / Fitness / Recreation
Greek to English 번역가: Surveying (96)
Greek to English 번역가: Wine / Oenology / Viticulture (101)
Greek to English 번역가: Zoology (113)

Greek to English translators and interpreters

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KudoZ Points
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Identity Verified   Peter Close
  Over 43 years of translation experience!
Άγγλος μεταφραστής, μεταφράσεις από ελληνικά στα αγγλικά, ελληνο-αγγλικές μεταφράσεις, γεωργικές μεταφρράσεις, κτηνοτροφικές μεταφράσεις, ιατρικές μεταφρλασεις, νομικές μεταφρασεις, εμπορικές μεταφράσεις, μεταφράσεις πιστοιητικών, ειμέλεια μεταφρασμένων κειμενων, English to Greek translation and proofreading, Agriculture, livestock production, animal husbandry and breeding, marketing, medical, commerce, import/export, transport, tourism, marriage certificates, death certificates, licenses, general legal ... English
785 points
Greek to English
Identity Verified   Philip Lees
  If I promise, I deliver.
cardiology, καρδιολογία, research papers, ερευνητικές εργασίες, cardiac surgery, καρδιοχειρουργική, coronary angioplasty, αγγειοπλαστική στεφανιαίων ... English
604 points
Greek to English
Identity Verified   Nicholas Constantinou
  Greek & English translations specialist
English Translator, native English Speaker, business, Economics, finance, travel & tourism, marketing, History ... English
0 points
Greek to English
Identity Verified   Ivi Rocou
film subtitling, economy, finance, stock market, mutual funds, law, politics, gender equality, pensions, social security, History, Philosophy, poetry, lyrics ... Greek/English
252 points
Greek to English
Identity Verified   George Linos
  IoL Diploma in Translation, EL>EN
Greek, English, law, legal, marketing, business, finance, Insurance, advertising, contract, media, fast, prompt, IoL, Diptrans, minutes ... Greek
170 points
Greek to English
Identity Verified   Ioanna Karamitsa
  Legal translations (MCIL, Dip.Trans)
translation, translations, proofreading, editing, chartered institute of linguists, Greek translations, translate into Greek, legal translations, tender translations, tender translation, translate legal documents, translation of legal text, legal document, translate, contract translation, translate agreements, translate contracts, Laws, rules and regulations of the Hellenic Republic and the Republic of Cyprus into English, Competition Law, Corporate Law, Compliance, and Bankruptcy, supporting documents and exhibits, sworn statements, forensic reports, criminal records, expert opinions, annual financial statements, minutes of meetings, articles of incorporation, financial/corporate agreements, certificates, Accounting reports, medical records, case-law, powers of attorney, Legal documents Greek, Cypriot and Other international courts, regarding alimony, settlements, family trust deeds, last wills & testaments, actions for divorce, custody, Investment Brochures, Prospectuses & Fund fact ... Greek
157 points
Greek to English
Identity Verified   Kettie Nossis
  21 years of pro translation experience
English Greek translations, Greek English translations, English Greek proofreading, Greek translation, Greek translator, English Greek Translator, Greek English Translator, Philosophy, Religion, science, IT/software, children's books, technical manuals, tourism, sports, voice over recordings, voice over recording, Greek voice over recordings, Greek voice over recording, fast service, eager to work in new fields, professional work, translation, proofreading, Trados Studio 2011. ... Greek
8 points
Greek to English
Identity Verified   Nick Lingris
  The word is my oyster
lexicography translation dictionaries reference books computers social studies localization ... Greek
3595 points
Greek to English
Identity Verified   Spiros Doikas
  Dip. Trans. IoL (En-Gr)
Greek manual translator, Greek fax translator, Greek printer translator, Greek laptop translator, Greek hardware translator, Greek software translator, Greek website translator, computers, IT translator, localization, localizer, manuals, computer manual, laptop manual, printer manual, fax manual, telephone manual, Telecom(munications), Greek Localization, Greek web site translation, palmtops, PDAs, Pocket PCs, information technology, internet, medical. ... Greek
1580 points
Greek to English
Identity Verified   Vicky Papaprodromou
  hellenic wings in translation
literature, education, History, Journalism, device-manuals, software, hardware, tourism, food ... Greek
1435 points
Greek to English
Identity Verified   Dave Bindon
  It's all Greek to me!
Greek, English, native English, translator, medical, medicine, pharmaceutical, legal, law, contract, patent, creative, tourism, food, culinary, certificate, marriage, death, birth, diploma, postgraduate, degree ... English
466 points
Greek to English
Identity Verified   Elena Petelos
  Medical, Legal, Technical
medical translation, Greek medical translator, Medicine, Translation, Greek, English, Biology, Biomedical, Biotechnology, Medical, Greek biomedical editor, Greek biomedical proofreader, Greek medical translator, Greek pharmaceutical translator, medical translation, biomedical translation, pharma translation, IVD translatio, Translation, Freelancer, Greek, Proofreading, Proofreader, Revision, English, Greek, Translator, Resources, Dictionary, Greek, English, French, Medical editing, Medical Back-Translation, Oligonucleotides, Oligos, Genetics, CytoGenetics, FISH, Medical devices (Medical Devices Agency (MDA), Medical Devices Directorate (MDD), Medical Literature Analysis, and Retrieval System (MEDLARS), Greek, English, Molecular, Biochemistry, Tissue Culture, Genetics, Clinical Trials, Pharmaceuticals Law, contracts, patent and maritime, Copyright, Law, Finance, Patents, EU, FP7, Legislation, Terminology, Greek, English, Agreements, Technical, Software, Medtronic, MFUI, PUI, EBM, Stats, Trados, medical translation, Greek medical translator ... Greek
1143 points
Greek to English
Identity Verified   Maria Karra
  Engineer & Linguist
Μαρία Καρρά, technical, computer, hardware, software, engineering, electrical, electronics, science, IT, Physics, astronomy, space, aerospace, automotive, communications, Telecom(munications), EU, mathematics, optics, solid state, Linguistics, phonetics, phonology, language, boston, traductor, telecomunicaciones, ciencias, traducción, técnica, ingeniería, mecánica, aviación, español, inglés, francés, griego, física traduction, technique, français, anglais, espagnol, grec, physique, optique, automobile, espace, aviation, linguistique, phonétique, τεχνική, μετάφραση, μεταφραστής, μεταφράσεις, ισπανικά, γαλλικά, αγγλικά, ελληνικά, φυσική, μαθηματικά, μηχανική, τηλεπικοινωνίες, γλωσσολογία ... English/Greek
441 points
Greek to English
  Quick, conscientious and idiomatic work
police and courts, personal injury, contracts, certificates and diplomas, olive oil, automotive engineering, shipping, Telecom(munications), SOIT trained (sexual offences interviewing techniques), theology ... English
91 points
Greek to English
Identity Verified   Danae Seemann
  Reliable, accurate, enjoy a challenge
Greek to English translation, copy editing, proofreading, fiction, non-fiction, science, health, medical, tourism, media, sociology, Psychology, ESL books, EFL books ... English
4 points
Greek to English
Identity Verified   Wesseling
  Fast, accurate, excellent English syntax
medical, pharmaceutical, legal ... English
0 points
Greek to English
Identity Verified   Michele Spurdle
  Reliable and experienced translator
educational, medical, literary, historical, legal, political, Greek to English, Native English speaker, Linguist, ... English
0 points
Greek to English
technical, subtitles, children's books, chemical, medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics ... Greek/English
280 points
Greek to English
Identity Verified   Norman Terrell
  30 years professional translation
German, Russian, Greek, Polish, French, technical, legal, business ... English
28 points
Greek to English
Identity Verified   Eliza Ariadni Kalfa
  For a job well done.
Ελίζα Αριάδνη Κάλφα, technical translator, marketing translator, academic translator, EU, native translator, native English, US English, UK English, Spanish English translator, Spanish English translation, Greek English translator, Greek English translation, English translator, academic translations, academic translator, dissertation, thesis, essay, thesis translation English, instructions, health and Safety, Safety manual, Safety audit, environmental audit, user guide, risk Management, operations manual, operating manual, shipping, tourism, semantics, social sciences, sociology, Anthropology, education, cultural studies, cultural theory, lit crit, software manuals and documentation, standards, Tourism & Travel, marketing, promotional material, brochures, newsletters, conversation, ads, adverts, research, survey, surveys, pamphlets, posters, ICT, IT, letters, articles, press release, web text, website texts, art, Eliza Ariadni Kalfa, PDF, creative media, critical theory, editing, edito ... English/Greek
12 points
Greek to English
Identity Verified   Jrbanks
, Education / Pedagogy, Physics, Mechanics / Mech Engineering, Mathematics & Statistics, Poetry & Literature, Law (general), History, Folklore, Engineering (general), Science (general) ... English
0 points
Greek to English
  Aurora Blushi
Greek, Italian, French, Albanian, English, Translation, Translator, Proofreading ... English/Greek
0 points
Greek to English
Identity Verified   Robert Rowe
  Former staff translator with BBC & EU
Greek, French, Danish, Swedish, European Union, EU, finance, Economics, Insurance, law, international organisations, translation, revision, screening, proofreading, traducteur anglais, oversætter til englesk, 'Αγγλος μεταφραστής ... English
0 points
Greek to English
Identity Verified   Maria Walker
English native translator, Greek native translator, technical translations, financial, legal, technical, specifications, electrical, building, construction, engineering, contracts, agreements, legislation, laws, EU, website localization, general, travel, tourism, sports, τουρισμός, Διοίκηση Επιχειρήσεων, Οικονομικά, Νομικά κείμενα, τεχνικά κείμενα, τεχνικές προδιαγραφές, οικονομικές καταστάσεις ... Greek/English
4 points
Greek to English
  Faye Vasiliadis
  Copywriter - Translator - Travel Writer
Translations, Editing, Proofreading, Subtitling ... English/Greek
0 points
Greek to English
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