Slovak to English 번역: 자유번역가 및 자유통역사 디렉토리

Slovak to English 번역가 및 통역사 » General fields

Slovak to English Tech/Engineering 번역가 (673)
Slovak to English Art/Literary 번역가 (1321)
Slovak to English Medical 번역가 (13614)
Slovak to English Law/Patents 번역가 (2191)
Slovak to English Science 번역가 (1012)
Slovak to English Bus/Financial 번역가 (911)
Slovak to English Marketing 번역가 (17261)
Slovak to English Other 번역가 (462)
Slovak to English Social Sciences 번역가 (1247)

Slovak to English 번역가 및 통역사 » Specific fields

Slovak to English 번역가: Accounting (225)
Slovak to English 번역가: Advertising / Public Relations (433)
Slovak to English 번역가: Aerospace / Aviation / Space (44)
Slovak to English 번역가: Agriculture (115)
Slovak to English 번역가: Livestock / Animal Husbandry (41)
Slovak to English 번역가: Anthropology (34)
Slovak to English 번역가: Archaeology (49)
Slovak to English 번역가: Architecture (70)
Slovak to English 번역가: Art, Arts & Crafts, Painting (138)
Slovak to English 번역가: Astronomy & Space (39)
Slovak to English 번역가: Finance (general) (330)
Slovak to English 번역가: Automation & Robotics (94)
Slovak to English 번역가: Automotive / Cars & Trucks (188)
Slovak to English 번역가: Biology (-tech,-chem,micro-) (89)
Slovak to English 번역가: Botany (61)
Slovak to English 번역가: Construction / Civil Engineering (231)
Slovak to English 번역가: Business/Commerce (general) (404)
Slovak to English 번역가: Materials (Plastics, Ceramics, etc.) (61)
Slovak to English 번역가: Certificates, Diplomas, Licenses, CVs (235)
Slovak to English 번역가: Chemistry; Chem Sci/Eng (125)
Slovak to English 번역가: Poetry & Literature (192)
Slovak to English 번역가: Cinema, Film, TV, Drama (218)
Slovak to English 번역가: Textiles / Clothing / Fashion (111)
Slovak to English 번역가: Telecom(munications) (264)
Slovak to English 번역가: Computers (general) (272)
Slovak to English 번역가: Computers: Hardware (185)
Slovak to English 번역가: Computers: Software (282)
Slovak to English 번역가: Computers: Systems, Networks (124)
Slovak to English 번역가: Law: Contract(s) (290)
Slovak to English 번역가: Cooking / Culinary (153)
Slovak to English 번역가: Cosmetics, Beauty (107)
Slovak to English 번역가: Medical: Dentistry (73)
Slovak to English 번역가: Media / Multimedia (173)
Slovak to English 번역가: Economics (255)
Slovak to English 번역가: Education / Pedagogy (281)
Slovak to English 번역가: Electronics / Elect Eng (119)
Slovak to English 번역가: Energy / Power Generation (109)
Slovak to English 번역가: Engineering (general) (228)
Slovak to English 번역가: Engineering: Industrial (139)
Slovak to English 번역가: Mechanics / Mech Engineering
Slovak to English 번역가: Nuclear Eng/Sci (45)
Slovak to English 번역가: Environment & Ecology (179)
Slovak to English 번역가: Esoteric practices (32)
Slovak to English 번역가: Fisheries
Slovak to English 번역가: Folklore (48)
Slovak to English 번역가: Food & Drink (161)
Slovak to English 번역가: Forestry / Wood / Timber (66)
Slovak to English 번역가: Furniture / Household Appliances (72)
Slovak to English 번역가: Games / Video Games / Gaming / Casino (160)
Slovak to English 번역가: Mining & Minerals / Gems (41)
Slovak to English 번역가: Genealogy (31)
Slovak to English 번역가: General / Conversation / Greetings / Letters
Slovak to English 번역가: Genetics (41)
Slovak to English 번역가: Geography (97)
Slovak to English 번역가: Geology (31)
Slovak to English 번역가: Government / Politics (218)
Slovak to English 번역가: Photography/Imaging (& Graphic Arts) (90)
Slovak to English 번역가: Medical: Health Care (179)
Slovak to English 번역가: History
Slovak to English 번역가: Tourism & Travel (389)
Slovak to English 번역가: Human Resources (213)
Slovak to English 번역가: Idioms / Maxims / Sayings (42)
Slovak to English 번역가: Insurance (162)
Slovak to English 번역가: International Org/Dev/Coop (102)
Slovak to English 번역가: Internet, e-Commerce (230)
Slovak to English 번역가: Investment / Securities (67)
Slovak to English 번역가: Metallurgy / Casting (59)
Slovak to English 번역가: IT (Information Technology) (204)
Slovak to English 번역가: Journalism (135)
Slovak to English 번역가: Real Estate (105)
Slovak to English 번역가: Law (general) (298)
Slovak to English 번역가: Law: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright (103)
Slovak to English 번역가: Law: Taxation & Customs (109)
Slovak to English 번역가: Linguistics (253)
Slovak to English 번역가: Transport / Transportation / Shipping (234)
Slovak to English 번역가: Management (203)
Slovak to English 번역가: Manufacturing (89)
Slovak to English 번역가: Ships, Sailing, Maritime (14)
Slovak to English 번역가: Marketing / Market Research (358)
Slovak to English 번역가: Mathematics & Statistics
Slovak to English 번역가: Medical (general) (360)
Slovak to English 번역가: Medical: Cardiology (88)
Slovak to English 번역가: Medical: Instruments (135)
Slovak to English 번역가: Medical: Pharmaceuticals (224)
Slovak to English 번역가: Meteorology
Slovak to English 번역가: Metrology (9)
Slovak to English 번역가: Military / Defense (95)
Slovak to English 번역가: Music (103)
Slovak to English 번역가: Names (personal, company) (49)
Slovak to English 번역가: Nutrition
Slovak to English 번역가: Petroleum Eng/Sci (66)
Slovak to English 번역가: Other (72)
Slovak to English 번역가: Paper / Paper Manufacturing (38)
Slovak to English 번역가: Patents
Slovak to English 번역가: Philosophy (73)
Slovak to English 번역가: Physics (24)
Slovak to English 번역가: Printing & Publishing (91)
Slovak to English 번역가: Psychology (110)
Slovak to English 번역가: Religion (115)
Slovak to English 번역가: Retail (82)
Slovak to English 번역가: Safety (25)
Slovak to English 번역가: SAP (45)
Slovak to English 번역가: Science (general) (197)
Slovak to English 번역가: Slang (39)
Slovak to English 번역가: Social Science, Sociology, Ethics, etc. (259)
Slovak to English 번역가: Sports / Fitness / Recreation (161)
Slovak to English 번역가: Surveying (43)
Slovak to English 번역가: Wine / Oenology / Viticulture (48)
Slovak to English 번역가: Zoology (49)

Slovak to English translators and interpreters

’회원권’ 란에 대하여 Member Profile Keywords Native Language
KudoZ Points
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  Milada Major
  Sworn Translator (SLK‹›ENG‹›CZE)
Slovak, Czech, English, French, translation, interpreting, sworn translator, law, common, civil, company, labour, employment, criminal, court, decision, judgment, appeal, appellate review, contract, agreement, banking, business, economy, finance, annual report, financial statements, income statement, cash flow statement, balance sheet, memorandum of association, deed of incorporation, articles of association, bylaws, code of conduct, corporate policy, commercial register, business register, legal correspondence, business correspondence, corporate policy, IT, software, localization, marketing, investment, audit, Insurance, tax, tax return, travel, tourism, cuisine, technical manual, operating instructions, expert, professional, express same day service ... Slovak
40 points
Slovak to English
Identity Verified   Michal Zugec
  Airborne responsibility
contract, agreement, transportation, warehousing, foundry, construction, translation, preklad, English, angličtina, Slovak, Czech, zmluva, doklady, priemysel, manual, industry, aviation, weapons, technology, military, hand book, process, processing, industry, certificate, legal, príručka, Wordfast, Trados studio 2009, ... Slovak
554 points
Slovak to English
Identity Verified   Gerry Vickers
  A REAL English native speaker!
czech translation, Slovak translation, czech websites, Slovak websites, czech medical interpreting, Slovak medical translation, czech legal translation, Slovak legal translation, tourism, Music, arts, public services, legal interpreting, law, court interpreting, proofreading, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, solicitors, czech court interpreter, Slovak court interpreter, czech translator manchester, Slovak translator manchester ... English
357 points
Slovak to English
Identity Verified   Igor Liba
  Translations with Sense
Slovak, manuals, Slovakian, czech, technical, Slovakia, technology, automotive, hardware, household appliances, electronics, Slovakian, manual, Slovak translations, translations to Slovak, kosice ... Slovak
373 points
Slovak to English
Identity Verified   Hannah Geiger
  Bilingual, Czech-born
law, litigation, corporate law, civil procedure, criminal law, contracts, social sciences, medical documents/reports, Journalism, advertising, literature, Music theory, media, business (marketing, public relations), dubbing (documentaries and feature films), film scripts, book reviews, History, certificates/diplomas/licenses, brochures (tourism), general translations ... Czech/English
183 points
Slovak to English
Identity Verified   Slavomir BELIS
  English-SLOVAK-English translations
Slovak translation, Slovak translations, Slovak translator, English to Slovak, Slovak to English, translate English to Slovak, translate Slovak to English, translate Slovak, Slovak subtitles, English Slovak translation, Slovak English translation, translation from English to Slovak, translation from Slovak to English, Slovak translation service, English to Slovak translator, Slovak to English translator, Slovak-English, English-Slovak ... Slovak
174 points
Slovak to English
Identity Verified   Pavel Prudký
  Experienced Tech University graduate
Engineering, hydraulics, pneumatic mechanisms, automotive industry, service manuals, owner´s manuals, technological processes, technical data sheets, car paints, MSDS, Management, marketing, production control, quality and environmental Management, 5S, Poka Yoke, Kaizen, Kanban, Six Sigma, lean Manufacturing, human resource Management, contracts, industrial property protection, Patents, trade marks, licence agreements, etc. ... Czech
체코 공화국
198 points
Slovak to English
Identity Verified   srubkova
  20 years with technical translations
English, Czech, simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting, translations, Architecture, civil engineering, MEP, HVAC, electric instalations, town planning, Real Estates, gardens, landscaping, forestry, art, History of art, quality Management, paper processing, wood processing, power plants, Telecom(munications), mechanical engineering, automotive industry, banking, computers, software ... Czech
체코 공화국
201 points
Slovak to English
Identity Verified   Charles Stanford
  Qualified, experienced EN native speaker
Czech, Slovak, German, Dutch, French, legal, law, contracts, certificates, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, etc. ... English
체코 공화국
63 points
Slovak to English
  Juro Sebestyen, A.B.I.E.S. s.r.o.
  Creating understanding
Translation, interpretation, simultaneous, consequtive, fast and easy service, biology, pharmaceutical industry, medicine, mechanical engineering, chemistry, Insurance, banking, protection of environment Preklad, tlmočenie, simultánne, konzekutívne, rýchlo, spoľahlivo, ľahko, služby, biológia, farmácia, medicína, strojárstvo, chémia, chemický priemysel, poisťovníctvo, bankovníctvo, životné prostredie übersetzung, Dolmetschen, simultan, konsekutiv, schell, leicht, verlässlich, Biologie, Farmakologische Industrie, Medizin, Maschinenbau, Chemie, Versicherungswesen, Bankwesen, Umweltschutz ... Slovak
114 points
Slovak to English
Identity Verified   Vladimír Hoffman
  Over 20 years of translation experience
Slovak, English, financial statements, KIIDs, annual accounts, contracts, agreements, automotive, nuclear power engineering ... Slovak
137 points
Slovak to English
Identity Verified   Nicholas Miller
  Native English, MITI, MCIL
Czech, Slovak, translation, český, překlad, čestina, slovenský, preklad, slovenština, English, anglický, angličtina, language, jazyk, česky, anglicky, slovensky ... English
체코 공화국
32 points
Slovak to English
Identity Verified   Radek Lhotsky
medical translations, veterinary, pharmaceutical, clinical studies, English, czech, informed consent forms, summary of product characteristics, PIL, EMEA, medical devices, cardiology, general medical translations ... Czech
체코 공화국
150 points
Slovak to English
Identity Verified   Misha Smid
  The best Czech translator in Canada
My strength as a translator is in delivering high quality work at very competitive rates while meeting deadlines. Also my understanding of different cultures and access to experts in various fields allows me to provide superior translation services. ... Czech/English
94 points
Slovak to English
Identity Verified   Peter Hladky
  Experienced & reliable translator
Electrical engineering, machinery engineering, nuclear power engineering, power engineering, civil engineering, IT, computers, hardware, software, military, woodworking technology, medical technology, Patents, intellectual property, business, economy, laws. ... Slovak
121 points
Slovak to English
  Jan Ramza
  Medical and legal
birth certificate, business, business translation, business translator, cat, cat tool, certificate, certified, clinical, clinical records, clinical research, clinical study translation, clinical trials, clinical trials localization, criminal records, epr, electronic patient record, English Slovak translation, English Slovak translations, English Slovak translator, English to Slovak, English to Slovak translation, English to Slovak translations, English to Slovak translator, English to Slovakian, English-Slovak, freelance, freelancer, from English, health, healthcare, healthcare translation, healthcare translator, human Slovak translation, informed consent forms, instruction manuals, instructions for use, intensive care, language services, language services provider, linguistic services, linguistic validation, localization, market research, marriage certificate, material Safety data sheet, medical, medical articles, medical brochures, medical device, medical devices instruction manuals, ... Slovak
92 points
Slovak to English
  Martina G. Wise
  Professional, Accurate, Thorough.
czech, Slovak, English, legal, medical, literary, academic, travel, marketing, press, Journalism, general, English native speaker, translation, copy-editing, proofreading ... English
7 points
Slovak to English
Identity Verified   Samuel Hunt
  Native English translations < CZ, SK, DE
German, Czech, Slovak, contracts, Real Estate, marketing, technical, websites, medical, mechanical engineering, Architecture, Journalism ... English
16 points
Slovak to English
Identity Verified   Isabel Stainsby
Czech, Slovak, French, German, medical, legal, scientific, technical, cultural, culinary, literary, English native speaker, rodilý mluvčí angličtiny, locutrice native d'anglais, englische Muttersprachlerin ... English
4 points
Slovak to English
Identity Verified   DarrenChastney
  English Clarity From Complexity
English, Slovak, proofreading, translation, transcreation, editing, pre-print, native, academic proofreading, marketing proofreading, business proofreading ... English
0 points
Slovak to English
Identity Verified   Maria Silvestri
  Looking forward to working with you!
Italian, Slovak, interpreting, interpretation, arts, artistic, marketing, publicity, public relations, humanities, History, Anthropology, Folklore, History, historical, art History, media ... English
0 points
Slovak to English
Identity Verified   Scott Evan Andrews
translator, interpreter, překlady a tlumočení, tlumočník, překladatel, překlad do angličtiny, Czech translator, Czech guide, Prague interpreter, trip to Czech Republic, Czech, document translator, contracts and agreement, annual report, quality, ISO 9001, marketing, veteran, English native speaker, Čeština, překladatel, Angličtina, anglický, rodilé mluvčí, ... English
0 points
Slovak to English
Identity Verified   Prokop Vantuch
  Tourism,medical/pharmaceutical, sports
English to Czech, Czech to English, Czech sports translator, Czech translator, sports translator, sports translations, sports interpreter, Czech, English, book, books, Linguistics, marketing, dissertation, thesis, website, general, medical, medicine, sport, tourism, travel, soccer, pharmaceutics, biology, Geography, sports, football, athletics, tennis, hockey, olympic, Ostrava, translator, interpreter, student, překladatel, tlumočník, překlady, tlumočení, čeština, angličtina, český, anglický, disertace, diplomová, knihy, fotbal, hokej, tenis, sportovní překladatel, sportovní překlady ... Czech
체코 공화국
117 points
Slovak to English
Identity Verified   Trevor Chichester
  High-Quality Pharmaceutical Translations
Transcription, Arabic, German, Slovak, Dutch, Translation, Proofreading, fluent, native, Language Pair, Pharmaceuticals, Medical, Medical Devices, Health Care, Drug Labels, Clinical Research Protocols, Cardiology, Informed Consent Forms (ICFs) Serious Adverse Events (SAEs), Patient Information Leaflets (PILs) Patient Medical Records, Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs), Medical Devices, Technical Surgical Procedures, Oncology Pharmaceuticals, Biology, Chemistry, Surgery, EMA, FDA, Clinical, Trial ... English
0 points
Slovak to English
Identity Verified   hetongzhi
Retired, diplomat, experienced translator, slova, k czech, russian, ukrainian, polish, finnish, swedish ... English
0 points
Slovak to English
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