Powwow Report for 프랑스 - France (Apr 23 2020)

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Report from  Philippe ROUSSEAU
19 persons were interested, 5 participated : Marie-Yvonne Dulac,
Traduck, Dina Mardiana, Bishan Sharma and Philippe Rousseau.

It was a cordial meeting. Translators were glad to exchange about
their experience. Marie-Yvonne brightly developped about SEO. It
would be an interesting a topic for Proz's next international
meetings. Dina, as a good animator, asked for the good questions.
Exchange with Traduck with good, too.

I met technical problems (no camera found). I am very sorry for
this disappointment. Curiousely, I could not connect from my
portable either. Other participants could hear me clearly, then
weakly and to finish with, not at all. In spite of these problems,
I could launch the powwow and stayed present till the end. I
finally found the place for sending them chat messages.

I have some screenshots at your disposal

I will solve this technical problem and will propose another
powwow date soon. The main thing is that I noticed that exchanging
online makes much good to translators who participate in powwows.

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: organizer : photos : report : host
bishan sharma
Dina Mardiana
Marie-Yvonne Dulac

Postings from ProZians who attended this event

May 19 '20  Dina Mardiana: merci!
Thanks Philippe for giving the opportunity to participate in my very first time Powwow. I hope there are more participants to join so that everyone can share their own experience in being a translator!
May 18 '20  Philippe ROUSSEAU: Thanks to all of you for this nice moment together !
Everyone in this powwow was wonderful. Every powwow is an opportunity strengthen connections between translator, add mutual support in this lonely profession and make the world of translation stronger. Thanks, Maryvonne, for your bright introduction concerning SEO, a possibly useful tool in translation. Thanks, Dina, for your implication and your pertinent questions about SEO that guided the talk. I am grateful to Bishan and to Traduck for their participation. I solved the technical problem by buying my first laptop. I hope to see all of you again in a next powwow.
Apr 24 '20  bishan sharma: Thrilling!
For me it was the first virtual powwow to take part in and it was exciting even though the sound wasn\'t fine.
I wish I could know how to control the different functionalities on the screen so that I could interact with other fellows in an appropriate manner.
See you soon.

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