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ProZ.com Newsletter: October 2005

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(1) Accomplishments year-to-date / 2005 (long)
(2) ProZ.com Conference in Krakow - November 25-26
(3) ProZ.com to be a Gold Sponsor of next week's ATA Conference
(4) Conferinta anuala a ATR
(5) Upcoming powwows
(6) Last Day! Save 43% on TRADOS MultiTerm Extract + Platinum
(7) Translators For Kids (T4K) seeks translators

(1) Accomplishments year-to-date / 2005 (long)

Dear ProZ.com members and moderators,

In November, we'll be on the road meeting members at our conferences in Krakow and Seattle (where we are a sponsor of the ATA Conference.) Then in December, we'll be focusing on plans for 2006, and your feedback. Therefore, I would like to take this October newsletter as an opportunity to recap our progress as a workplace and community in 2005 (so far).



- Platinum membership increased substantially, with new members joining from across Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia and the rest of the world. We now have platinum members in 109 nations and territories. Welcome new members!

- In three surveys, platinum members expressed a very high degree of satisfaction with ProZ.com membership. Over 90% indicate a likelihood of renewing, attributing to membership such benefits as an increased client base, enhanced ability to do research, closer working relationships with other translators, improved quality of work and greater satisfaction in their profession overall. ( See testimonials: http://proz.com/testimonials )

- New platinum revenues were invested in (1) improving the site and (2) marketing the services of platinum members to a wider audience of potential clients.

*ProZ.com team*

Seven new staff members were added to the ProZ.com team ( http://proz.com/siteteam ). With the larger staff, made possible by platinum membership income, we completed a backlog of tasks that had been requested by members in previous years.

*Site traffic*

- Client flow doubled overall, and traffic to profiles increased by a factor of 2.5x. Among those who used ProZ.com in 2005 to locate translator candidates are: *language companies* Bowne Global Solution, CLS Communication, Lionbridge, SDL International and Webster's Online Dictionary, *clients* HP, eBay, Manpower, the European Central Bank, Google, Interwoven, JPMorgan Chase, Korean Air, Cisco, Novartis, Vodaphone, and *organizations* Human Rights Watch, Catholic Relief Services and the United Nations.

- A feature was released that allows platinum members to track visits to their ProZ.com profiles. Your Visitors Tab shows the IP address of your visitors, along with the search terms they used to reach your profile from Google, Yahoo or the ProZ.com directory.

*Offline events*

- Registration for our third Conference, to be held November 25-26 in Krakow, is approaching the maximum capacity of 150 participants. Excellent work by organizer Magda Dziadosz in putting together a great program in a great location: http://proz.com/conference/2

- Powwows have been held more than 100 times in 45 countries. http://proz.com/powwows

*Site features*

- Focus shifted to specialties, PRO points

The translator directory, KudoZ, the jobs system, profiles and a new KudoZ leaderboard were all modified in such a way that emphasis shifted from general to specific fields of expertise, and from overall to PRO-level KudoZ activity. As a result, it is easier to locate specialists and, conversely, easier for specialists to appeal to clients on the strength of the expertise they demonstrate by collaborating.

- Directory updated

The translator directory was updated, allowing outsourcers to perform more detailed searches, and enabling members to indicate their current availability. The number of directory searches performed more than doubled, leading to significantly more job opportunities for members. Platinum members appear in the first set of directory results, and are therefore the primary beneficiaries of this growth. http://proz.com/directory

- KudoZ system updated

A major KudoZ update was released. The interface was updated, more statistics were added to profiles, browser toolbars were released for Mozilla and IE, and a fast new archive search was created and built into the asking process. The archive search function, and an updated KOG interface, have also gained popularity quickly. Also in the update, members were given greater control over the types of questions they see and receive. http://proz.com/topic/35829

Long-standing members report that these changes, along with the institution of per-day limits, have led to a reduction in noise, a more professional environment, and a better site overall.

On the year so far, 250,000 terms have been added to the KudoZ archive. The one million mark was surpassed in April, with a term posted by Sylvain Leray.

- Blue Board faster, even more popular

The Blue Board was updated, making it faster and easier to use. The rate at which new records and entries are being added has doubled, increasing the value of this already crucial community resource. Thanks to the jobs/Blue Board team of moderators for their efforts around the clock to put as much information as possible at the disposal of members for managing risk in working with new clients. http://proz.com/blueboard

- Additional options, information available in job postings

The jobs system was updated, giving members more information on outsourcers and more control over the alerts they receive. In addition, outsourcers now have more options for specifying their needs and targeting certain types of translators. (Here, too, the jobs/BB team led developments.)

- Translator and interpreter world maps created

Using Google's map technology, both a platinum member map and an interpreter world map were created. While the platinum member map is already an interesting and fun networking tool, it is expected that the interpreter map will prove to be a valuable marketing tool for our interpreter members. http://proz.com/?sp=maps / http://proz.com/?sp=interpreter_search

- Advanced forum search developed

A fast new forum search was released, providing members with convenient access to the large body of tips, tricks and knowledge (tech support, resources, etc.) that has been built among ProZ.com members over the past six years. http://proz.com/forumsearch

- More ways to share knowledge

An Articles Knowledgebase was created. This large collection of member-contributed translation articles offers a new way to exchange information among members, and a great way for authors to communicate to the industry their areas of expertise. Among the active early contributors are members Natalya Zelikova, Andrei Gerasimov, Sylver (English/French), Maria Antonietta Ricagno (English/Italian) and Aurora Humarn (English/Spanish). http://proz.com/translation-articles

Also, a Quick Polls feature was added. This allows platinum members to suggest one-question / mutiple choice polls of general interest, to be featured on the home page for a day at a time. Access to the complete history of site polls is also available to members. http://proz.com/polls

- GlossPost updated, expanded

GlossPost (our member-built database of glossary URLs) was improved, making it easier to contribute, search and moderate. Members added glossary links at an increasing rate, and now over 5000 URLs are shown. Thanks to GlossPost creator Maria Eugenia Farre and moderators Xola, Parrot, Magda Dziadosz and Maria Karra, who vet each and every entry. http://proz.com/glosspost

*CAT tools*

Group purchases were organized for tools from TRADOS, SDL and Wordfast. In each case, ProZ.com members buying together in bulk enjoyed the lowest prices worldwide for the products. http://proz.com/tgb


Marion Schimmelpfennig posted an idea in the forums and members responded, leading to the foundation of the non-profit organization Translators4Kids. Among the goals of this organization is to "Promote initiatives that enhance the lives of children from all cultures." Learn more and pitch in at http://www.translators4kids.com

*More to come this year and next*

In addition to the above, our plans call for additional site development in the coming weeks, including localization of key site areas into a few of our members' dominant languages. (The KudoZ rules, for example, have been localized already.)

Looking ahead to next year, we in the ProZ.com team will continue working with you to further enhance our workplace (and our profession). To that end, in December we will publish an outline of areas of focus for 2006. We will invite you as platinum members to provide your feedback and direction by survey, and also in a new forum created just for platinum members to discuss ProZ.com's future. This will be a good opportunity to influence ProZ.com, and in turn to drive the industry forward.

We will also soon be announcing a membership campaign, targeted at active site users who are not yet platinum. If you are among this group, and are a professional translator, we will soon give you several incentives to invest in your business, and industry, by becoming a full member of ProZ.com. By taking advantage of this opportunity, you will position yourself to enjoy increased advantages as changes and enhancements are made to the site in 2006.


Many members contributed to the accomplishments listed above. In particular, we would like to thank the following (non-moderator) members for suggestions or feedback that influenced our activities this year: Kirill Semenov, Mihai Badea, Edward Potter, Sven Petersson, Konstantin Kisin, Cilian O'Tuama, Pablo Grosschmid, Natalya Zelikova, Alain Cote, Williamson, Lingo Pros, Lucinda Hollenberg, Jack Doughty, Walter Landesman, Daniela Zambrini, gad and many, many others.

Also, the entire team of volunteer moderators continues to play a crucial role in our workplace. Moderators contribute leadership and feedback on site development, act as a bridge to communicate central issues to members working in various languages, formulate and develop site rules, investigate abuse, vet forum and job posts, and otherwise help make ProZ.com a great place to work and meet. Please consider sending a note or otherwise pausing to thank the moderator(s) who have contributed to your enjoyment of the site.


For more details and links, and to post additions and/or feedback, see the "report" post in the forums.

Report on accomplishments - forum thread: http://www.proz.com/topic/38517?r_id=28

(2) ProZ.com Conference in Krakow - November 25-26

The ProZ.com Krakow Conference is next month--November 25-26. The event, organized by Magda Dziadosz, will feature prepared speeches, discussion groups, CAT tool training and sales, and plenty of opportunities for networking. For the complete agenda and list of registered attendees, see the Conferences page (under the events menu.)

Henry and Dwayne from site staff will be there, reporting on ProZ.com and sharing future plans. We look forward to meeting many members there.

So far, 134 members from 25 countries have registered. The maximum capacity for the event is 150, so it is still possible to register (but you should do so now).

ProZ.com Krakow Conference: http://www.proz.com/conference/2?r_id=24

(3) ProZ.com to be a Gold Sponsor of next week's ATA Conference

ProZ.com will be a Gold Sponsor of the yearly meeting of the American Translators Association in Seattle, to be held from November 9-12. If you are attending, please stop by the SDL/TRADOS area to say hello. Justin, Colin, Cathy and Henry will be there, and we'll have a packet for platinum members.

We will also be joining the other Gold Sponsor--SDL/TRADOS--for a reception on Thursday. Among other features, there will be a fun "Flagman Awards" segment. Make your nominations for "top collaborator", "best dressed translator" and other honors at http://www.sdl.com/asp/products/nominate.asp

Further details on that will be sent to those attendees we have identified among our membership.

If you will not be attending the event but are in the Seattle area, you are invited to attend the Seattle powwow we have scheduled to coincide. We'll be meeting at a downtown restaurant on Thursday, November 10. All are welcome, but seating is limited so please let us know now if you would like to attend. Do so via the powwow page.

Seattle powwow page: http://www.proz.com/powwow/743?r_id=15

ATA membership special: http://www.proz.com/ata05?np=1&r_id=29

(4) Conferinta anuala a Asociatiei Traducatorilor din Romania (ATR)

Conferinta anuala a Asociatiei Traducatorilor din Romania 3-5 noiembrie 2005, Cluj-Napoca.

Peste 10 ateliere, mese rotunde, seminarii si instructaje de dezvoltare profesionala pentru traducatori si interpreti oferind cate ceva pentru fiecare.

Evenimente de interactiune care permit contactul cu traducatori si interpreti din intreaga tara.

Ocazii unice de a va promova serviciile si interviuri cu companii de traduceri in cadrul evenimentului special Bursa traducerilor.

Conferinta anuala a Asociatiei Traducatorilor din Romania: http://www.atr.org.ro/conf2005.html

(5) Upcoming powwows

Free, informal "powwows" (local meetings among ProZ.com members) are scheduled for the following locations over the next two months:

2: New Orleans (9 members) - http://proz.com/pw/718
4: Emden, Germany (7) - http://proz.com/pw/682
5: So Paulo (12) - http://proz.com/pw/747
10: Seattle (17) - http://proz.com/pw/743
12: Caracas (29) - http://proz.com/pw/742
12: Buenos Aires (132) - http://proz.com/pw/736
25: Krakw, Poland (74) - http://proz.com/pw/723
26: Santos, Brazil (14) - http://proz.com/pw/745
26: Lille, France (15) - http://proz.com/pw/746

3: Pattaya, Thailand (6) - http://proz.com/pw/741
4: Jakarta (4) - http://proz.com/pw/754
9: Prague (4) - http://proz.com/pw/751
10: Oslo (11) - http://proz.com/pw/728
15: London (1) - http://proz.com/pw/755
17: Lagos/Ota, Nigeria (1) - http://proz.com/pw/734
20: London (13) - http://proz.com/pw/739
24: Azores, Portugal (1) - http://proz.com/pw/753

More powwows: http://proz.com/powwows?r_id=22

Propose a powwow in your city (platinum-only): http://proz.com/powwows?show_mode=propose&r_id=23

(6) Last Day! Save 43% on TRADOS MultiTerm Extract + Platinum

TRADOS MultiTerm Extract (formerly TermExtract) provides you with a powerful means of automatically generating glossaries of terms, within minutes. Use it to save time and add consistency to your work.

In this group purchase, TRADOS MultiTerm Extract is available with platinum membership, at just 633 EUR (or 717 USD) -- a savings of approximately 43%! This is the best value we have ever had on this power product.

Three additional units will be sold.

TRADOS Term Extract: http://proz.com/tgb?r_id=27

(7) Translators For Kids (T4K) seeks translators

Translators Fors Kids (a.k.a. "T4K") is a non-profit organization founded by Marion Schimmelpfennig ( http://proz.com/pro/1550 ) and other ProZ.com members. The goal of the group is to apply translation skills for the benefit of the world's children.

Headquartered in Paris, T4K is international in focus and free of political or religious affiliations. "We are just lovers of language who want to use our skills to help children," writes N.M. Eklund ( http://proz.com/pro/79282 ) in her knowledgebase article on T4K - http://www.proz.com/doc/536

Want to join in? T4K is seeking volunteers now. For more information, see the website!

T4K website: http://translators4kids.com/


ProZ.com members cooperate to improve their businesses and the industry. Enhance your profession - go platinum today! http://proz.com/plat

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