Powwow Report for - Virtual powwow (Apr 23 2020)

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Report from  Magamed Aslanov
I have just attended my first virtual powwow with Proz initiated by Andrew Morris. All I can say is it's been fantastic.
We got to know each other - around 12 translators getting together virtually, talking, sharing professional vs personal experience views, motivating and sharing career-oriented tips of how to thrive as a translator within the period of Covid-19 lockdown and in the years to come.

By the way, it was my first experience in powwows with Proz. I am happy with it. Sharing has always been caring for me in life and translation industry. Hope we will be consistent as mentioned.
Way to go Proz folks, way to go!

Report from  Lucia Leszinsky
There were 9 of us in today's virtual powwow, and a jolly time we all had.
55 people actually signed up, so maybe 44 forgot. :D

But it may have been my fault too, as there was a discrepancy between my ProZ account time settings, which had me on GMT, and my own, which are of course in Barcelona.

So if you tried to come and couldn't get in for the first five minutes while I was frantically adjusting the settings, my bad. We'll do a rerun next week, using the content I planned to use today but didn't...
If you came, saw it was at 5pm and are planning to return at 5, my bad again. It's now over.
Put it all down to teething problems. But we're building up steam, and it's turning into a fun weekly event!

Report from  Andrew Morris
The final powwow in Season 2 of Thinking Out Loud. A great discussion on branding, values and visual expression!

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