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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Sep 7 ara>eng فاطَّة A piece of meat "jumping out of" a pot pro open no
- Sep 1 ara>eng مدبرة Harsh pro closed no
- Sep 1 ara>eng حبيبتي معزومة من ضمن المعازيم My love is one of the guests pro closed no
4 Sep 1 ara>eng ((...يوم أقبلت صوت لها جرحي القديم...))، When she came back/when I saw her coming my way, that old wound of mine started to ache pro closed no
4 Aug 31 ara>eng مغرسا مُضغة Mudgha pro closed no
- Aug 31 ara>eng مواد موردة للعقد Materials supplied for the contract/supplied herefor pro closed no
4 Aug 28 ara>eng الحِلل Hella in Nubian means a neighborhood/a suburb pro closed no
- Aug 28 ara>eng أجيب لك قلب ثاني منين؟ What else can I do to prove my love to you? pro closed no
- Aug 28 ara>eng الله عليها عودت For my surprise, she is back! pro closed no
4 Jul 12 ara>eng left oophorectomy إزالة المبيض الشمال (الأيسر) ل pro closed no
4 Apr 26 ara>eng أصادق نفس المرء قبل جسمه The soul is what I seek to befriend, not the body pro closed no
- Apr 21 ara>eng سنتذوق حلاوة الوصول Reap the seeds of our hard work and assiduity, taste/experience the joys of achieving goals, pro closed ok
- Dec 22 '19 ara>eng sister ship of ORC سفينة مشابهة للانشات أعالي البحار pro closed ok
- Oct 14 '19 ara>eng إن المرء الذي يعتقد بأن لديه جميع الأجوبة, هو أكثر الناس جهلا To claim the possessorship of keys to all closed doors is pure ignorance! pro closed no
- Apr 27 '18 ara>eng سلام تام بوجود مولانا الإمام in the name of whose presence grants us peace pro closed no
- Apr 27 '18 ara>eng المبرح severely pro closed ok
- Apr 22 '18 ara>eng يمتاز المطعم بموقعه/ ولاتكتمل هذه الوجبات من دون The restaurant is highly distinctive for .../ that can only be drawn to close by pro closed no
- Apr 21 '18 ara>eng سقوط الحق في الاستئناف forfeiting the right to appeal pro just_closed no
- Apr 19 '18 ara>eng ثابت بها إقرارها باستلامها in which its/her receipt of the original copy of the property's deed of entitlement is established pro closed no
- Apr 19 '18 ara>eng والغائه واعتباره مفسوخا باتفاق الطرفين the cancellation and the termination thereof upon the agreement of both parties. pro closed no
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