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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Today esl>eng empresas vinculadas con subordinación associated, controlled undertaking/s > ones in which there is a controlling interest pro open no
- Today esl>eng onerosidades paid favo/u/rs 'with a catch' pro open no
- Today esl>eng Crédito fiscal no activado Unused tax relief / e.g. carried across, back or forward/ pro open no
- Oct 26 esl>eng corre y vale inserted and stands; corrected and passed pro open no
- Oct 25 esl>eng Integración de ofertas Consortium pooling of /joint / tenders; incorporation of joint bids into a consortium pool pro closed ok
- Oct 26 esl>eng contrato de prénda de derechos de crédito Receivables Pledge Agreement pro open no
- Oct 25 esl>eng Cesión de solvencia Extension of 'good standing' status pro closed no
- Oct 24 esl>eng magnitud dineraria SPA: value in money or money's worth; CUB: turnover limit measured in cash or otherwise pro open no
- Oct 24 esl>eng Instituyente Appointor/er ; NGO body: Appointing Authority pro closed no
- Oct 23 esl>eng responder a tie up with / tie into pro closed ok
- Oct 23 esl>eng Altas/bajas de renta UK> Balancing + allowances / - charges on income pro closed ok
- Oct 23 esl>eng adelanto de gastos y legalización advance on expenses and authentication /of the purpose of the advance/ pro closed ok
- Oct 23 esl>eng orden de pago en cheque C-Draft - Check / Cheque Draft pro closed ok
- Oct 22 esl>eng Liquidador Shipping Agent; Merchant shipping: Ship's Purser pro closed ok
4 Oct 21 esl>eng Colegio de Gran Derecho Broad / Wide-Range Copyright Protection Association pro closed ok
- Oct 21 esl>eng figura impositiva tax scenario; tax model pro closed no
- Oct 21 esl>eng Homologacion de Fijacion de Obligacion de Manutencion Ratification / by the court / of a Child Support Agreement; E&W Consent Order to Child Maintenance pro open no
- Oct 20 esl>eng pagadera en numerario payable in readily cashable form/ e.g. banker's draft - draught / pro closed no
- Oct 20 esl>eng que se exhiba en dinero efectivo required > to be tendered in cash > 'coin of the realm' pro closed ok
NP Oct 19 esl>eng bodegaje de terrenos short-term ground leasehold pro open no
- Oct 19 esl>eng sobre cuantos derechos le corresponden in respect of whatever rights he is entitled to > are available to > are vested in > him pro open no
- Oct 14 esl>eng tiempo en compensación time taken off in lieu pro closed ok
- Oct 12 esl>eng dentro de un plazo del mismo año fiscal within a fiscal-year stub (period) pro closed ok
- Oct 13 esl>eng Sala Liquidadora Final Disposals, Case-Clearing Division; US: Transferred-in Cases Division pro open no
4 Oct 11 esl>eng Moción en cumplimiento de orden USA: Motion in compliance with Order pro closed ok
- Oct 11 esl>eng levantamiento de falsos rumo/u/r-mongering pro closed ok
- Oct 9 esl>eng Baja bienes inversión Retirement of capital goods pro open no
- Oct 7 esl>eng Cuenta Corriente por Liquidación (BrE) Current (AmE) Checking Account for Close-Down pro closed no
- Oct 6 esl>eng con sentencia de instancia que innovan y aplican figuras no. with trial-stage judgements that are innovative and /disapply enshrined concepts/ apply new ones pro open no
- Oct 3 esl>eng centro de responsabilidad Budgetary Control Centre / Center pro closed ok
4 Oct 3 esl>eng carácter patrimonial a capital asset in nature pro closed ok
- Oct 2 esl>eng ejecutor de los fondos activator of the funds pro closed ok
- Oct 2 esl>eng prestación del contrato servicing of the contract pro closed ok
- Oct 2 esl>eng lo hará por sus propios medios will be self-propelled pro closed ok
- Sep 29 esl>eng o de su pertenencia or of the latter's membership of pro closed ok
- Sep 28 esl>eng situados en su periferia lying > located at its edges of contract privity pro closed no
4 Sep 28 esl>eng Persona natural o sucesión líquida A private individual or the gross / net estate - declarable by the PRs pro closed ok
- Sep 25 esl>eng pudiera proceder de la defensa without such risk .... as may originate from self-defens/ce pro closed ok
- Sep 25 esl>eng disponer ... de su persona y bienes /freely/ arrange ... their individual personal and property affairs pro closed ok
- Sep 24 esl>eng no se ha cumplido con la garantía there has been no compliance with the warranty pro closed ok
- Sep 24 esl>eng Depuración de activos inmobiliarios. Clearing charges off fixed assets; obtaining clear title to fixed assets pro closed ok
- Sep 24 esl>eng abogada procesalista Litigator; E&W > Solicitor- or Legal Executive-Advocate pro closed ok
- Sep 22 esl>eng de la cual se adelantan las indagaciones against whom (BE) enquiries are pending (AE) inquiries are being pursued pro closed ok
- Sep 22 esl>eng sean llevados a consecuencias ulteriores stop .... widening out to further consequences pro closed ok
- Sep 22 esl>eng dependiente de instancia particular of a type triggered on a private complaint pro closed ok
4 Sep 20 esl>eng el fondo no sería real the fund would not show a true picture pro closed ok
- Sep 19 esl>eng a través del levantamiento del acta by way of AmE > recordation BrE/IrE > record drawn up pro closed ok
- Sep 19 esl>eng resguardado effectually to receipt/ effectually receipted pro closed ok
- Sep 18 esl>eng derecho de posesión del bien possessory interest in the asset; (security interest) possessory asset lien pro closed ok
- Sep 18 esl>eng Estése a lo obrado en autos (Chi. - disclosure stage) Let the steps taken so far in the proceedings go on record pro closed no
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