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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Oct 9 eng>fra LIS SIL pro open no
- Oct 9 eng>fra commercial pacifier dips ni tout autre produit issu du commerce pro closed ok
4 Sep 28 eng>fra marine litter Déchets marins pro closed no
4 Sep 18 eng>fra Transferrin saturation/index Indice de transferrine pro closed no
- Sep 16 eng>fra profile cutter Machine de (dé)coupe pro open no
4 Sep 14 eng>fra recombinant antibody Anticorps recombinant pro closed no
3 Sep 9 eng>fra child question la question relative à l'enfant (si applicable) pro closed ok
- Sep 8 eng>fra dollar sense Rentable pro just_closed no
4 Sep 1 eng>fra minnies crochets pro closed ok
- Aug 31 eng>fra suppress supprimer / effacer ou nettoyer pro closed ok
- Aug 12 eng>fra dark hair which is worn in corn-roes tresses africaines pro closed no
4 Aug 7 eng>fra that is to be monitored qui doit être surveillé / à surveiller pro closed no
- Aug 2 eng>fra ankle cuff roller sangle de cheville pro closed ok
- Jul 27 eng>fra snowflake Fragile pro closed no
4 Jul 23 eng>fra AKI Insuffisance rénale aiguë pro closed no
- Jul 22 eng>fra metabolism churning fait tourner votre métabolisme à plein régime pro closed ok
4 Jul 22 eng>fra double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) virus virus à ARN double brin ou bicaténaire pro closed no
- Jul 15 eng>fra net impression effet général pro closed ok
4 Jul 13 eng>fra long-hauler malade(s) au long cours pro closed no
4 Jul 11 eng>fra Everything is a record, and records are everywhere À la découverte des archives de XXX pro closed no
- Jul 2 eng>fra you cheated me into doing such a nasty thing! Ce n’est pas une raison suffisante pour me forcer à faire une chose aussi répugnante ! pro closed ok
- Jul 6 eng>fra pre-adjustment salary salaire avant révision pro closed ok
- May 23 eng>fra shall not be made of the essence by notice ne saurait être exigé par mise en demeure pro closed no
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