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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Oct 27 esl>eng Fracc. fraction or installment pro open no
4 Oct 15 esl>eng EQ/RC transfer credits pro closed ok
4 Oct 15 esl>eng AC accrediited/recognized pro closed ok
- Oct 14 esl>eng se tomen de forma descansada absent from work pro closed no
- Sep 9 esl>eng contrato con once hitos parciales penalizables contract/agreement with 11 partial milestones pro open no
- Sep 7 esl>eng radicación address pro closed ok
4 Sep 6 esl>eng Inn International Normalized Ratio (INR) pro closed no
- Aug 28 esl>eng ES PRIMER TESTIMONIO FIELMENTE COMPULSADO DE SU ORIGINAL authenticated and faithful copy of the original document pro open no
4 Aug 19 esl>eng casquillo socket pro closed no
- Aug 18 esl>eng Normas de prorrateo de la amortización amortization apportionment rules pro closed ok
4 Jul 31 esl>eng geometría dimensions pro closed no
4 Jul 30 esl>eng catéteres de liberación delivery catheter pro closed no
4 Jul 17 esl>eng Opción de compra preferencial de regalía Preferential purchase right of royalty interests pro closed ok
4 Jul 17 esl>eng para subsanar los términos incumplidos to rectify such breaches pro closed ok
- Jul 6 esl>eng Tunel de ventana circular tunnel pro closed no
4 Jul 6 esl>eng ayudante assistant pro closed no
- Jul 2 esl>eng impronta citológica cytological imprint pro closed no
4 Jul 1 esl>eng beneficio y a favor de única y exclusivamente for the unique and exclusive use and benefit of "BB" pro closed ok
- Jun 16 esl>eng luminarias dispuestas en líneas cruzadas lights placed crossing each other pro just_closed no
- Jun 6 esl>eng CUIG (Clave Única de Identificación Ganadera) Unique Livestock Identification/Register pro closed ok
4 May 26 esl>eng Se revisa las IMPUTACIONES antes de iniciar el proceso de alta. charges are revised/reviewed before the patient discharge process begins pro closed ok
4 Apr 30 esl>eng cesión de apartamento apartment assignment pro closed no
4 Apr 21 esl>eng banco de ajuste bench vise for workbenches pro closed no
4 Apr 21 esl>eng cruce de hilos length and crossing of wires/cords pro closed ok
4 Apr 19 esl>eng oficial primera journeyman/skilled worker/supervisor/contractor pro closed no
- Apr 17 esl>eng completándose con This study would be completed/complemented pro closed ok
4 Apr 17 esl>eng atendiendo a si disponen depending on whether pro closed ok
- Feb 26 esl>eng esquinada sullen/standofish/morose/unsociable pro closed ok
- Feb 21 esl>eng Identificación Activa 1,00 ud identification bracelet 1 unit pro closed no
4 Feb 15 esl>eng Exoneración horaria Flexible work schedule pro closed no
4 Feb 10 esl>eng Delitos contra el Ambiente de Turno de Guatemala On Call/On Duty First Instance/Lower Court for Criminal, Drug and Environmental Crimes pro closed no
- Feb 6 esl>eng piso floor/floor effect pro open no
2 Feb 5 esl>eng Canalización guiada cable ducts for electrical wiring pro closed ok
- Feb 6 esl>eng Chequera Común y Diferido SIN CRUZAR Checkbook for a joint and [tax-] deferred account with crossed checks pro closed ok
4 Feb 5 esl>eng Presión de apertura elevada increased intracranial pressure pro closed no
4 Feb 5 esl>eng síndrome del cautiverio locked-in syndrome pro closed no
- Feb 5 esl>eng estato-acústico-facial auditory nerve pro closed no
- Feb 4 esl>eng cavidad recesses pro just_closed no
- Jan 29 esl>eng mlf.- MLF pro open no
3 Jan 30 esl>eng Fu no. Notarial sheet No. pro closed no
4 Jan 20 esl>eng C. OSA MENOR 18 Calle Osa Menor 18 pro closed no
4 Jan 18 esl>eng Puestos de bolsa seat on the stock exchange pro closed no
3 Jan 18 esl>eng Salida de cables cable connection/outlet pro closed no
- Jan 18 esl>eng Pagar preceptismo pay the beneficiary pro just_closed no
- Jan 18 esl>eng levantamiento de requerimientos requirement/specification definition/gathering/compilation/determination/analysis pro open no
- Jan 7 esl>eng Desvio Contable there is a difference between the value that was refunded pro closed ok
- Jan 3 esl>eng Apositoc. dressing pro just_closed no
4 Jan 2 esl>eng meritar Rule on the merits pro closed no
- Jan 2 esl>eng sinalagmas Mutual agreement pro closed no
4 Dec 14 '19 esl>eng parada parade pro closed no
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