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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Today deu>eng nicht-wirksam hemodynamically irrelevant pro open no
- Today eng>slv affinity maturation zorenje afinitete pro open no
- Oct 23 fra>eng pneumopathie d'inhalation Lung disease caused by inhalation pro open no
- Oct 23 esl>eng Longitud Cráneo-Raquis (LCR) Crown-rump length (CRL) pro open no
- Oct 16 eng>slv anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide Protitelo proti cikličnemu citruliniranemu peptidu pro open no
- Oct 14 slk>eng bez známok ICH no signs/evidence of raised/elevated intracranial pressure (ICP) pro closed no
3 Oct 15 slk>eng SAP priestory enlarged CSF spaces pro closed ok
- Oct 12 deu>eng Verschlechterung der Belastbarkeit Decreased physical fitness (or functional fitness) pro closed ok
- Oct 12 deu>eng Verschlechterung der Belastbarkeit Decreased physical endurance/ deconditioning pro closed ok
- Oct 12 fra>eng pev PEV= Poudre effervescente (EVP, effervescent powder) pro closed ok
3 Oct 11 por>eng crônica agudizada acute-on-chronic kidney injury pro closed ok
4 Oct 8 esl>eng adecuado appropriate (unremarkable) pro closed ok
4 Oct 8 esl>eng linadenectomia lymphadenectomy pro closed no
4 Oct 7 por>eng título de especialista ...qualifying for nuclear medicine physician/ specialist in Nuclear Medicine pro closed ok
4 Oct 5 esl>eng ENMIENDA INT-4 Amendment INT-4 pro closed no
- Sep 30 ita>eng visione rx Recommended assessment (Plan) pro just_closed no
- Sep 22 eng>.cr non-TNF inhibiting biologic DMARDs Biološki temeljni antireumatici, koji ne inhibiraju TNF pro open no
- Sep 21 deu>eng Erschütterungsschmerz Mechanical irritation pain pro open no
- Sep 7 ita>eng ventricoli areati paranasal sinuses pro just_closed no
- Aug 21 deu>eng versorgt your answer pro closed no
- Aug 10 ita>eng FMH in Ematologia Board-certified (FMH) in hematology pro closed no
- Jul 22 eng>slv double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) virus virus z dvoverižno RNA pro open no
- Jul 28 fra>eng PRP Pathology Research Program pro just_closed no
- Jul 3 deu>eng flache Inspirationslage Lungs not fully inflated on X-ray pro closed ok
- Jun 23 deu>eng gut eingestellt [satisfactorily] kept in check by X pro closed ok
- Jun 19 eng>eng Sup Inf...skull pro just_closed no
- Jun 15 eng>slv acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) akutni respiratorni distres (ali sindrom akutnega respiratornega distresa) pro open no
- Jun 15 eng>deu acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) Akutes Atemnotsyndrom bei Erwachsenen pro closed no
- Jun 9 fra>eng altération limite Incomplete RBBB (QRS 120 ms) pro closed no
- May 15 deu>eng Dipl.-Kfm. (FH) Associate's Degree in Business Economics pro closed no
- May 15 deu>eng EK-Transfusionsbedürftigkeit. requiring [the administration of] pRBCs pro closed no
- May 12 deu>eng AKSM Indirect Coombs Test (German: Antikörpersuchtests (AKS)) pro open no
4 May 11 deu>eng Quarkumschlag curd compress pro closed no
- May 8 deu>eng Therapieauslass therapy discontinuation pro closed ok
- Apr 30 deu>eng betont hypertrophied pro closed no
- Apr 23 deu>eng medizinisch belesen health literate pro closed no
- Jun 8 '11 deu>eng HT rein normal heart sounds without extra sounds or murmurs pro closed ok
4 Mar 26 deu>eng ap-Ausdehnung [...], extending for 17 mm in the anterior-posterior (A/P) direction pro closed ok
- Mar 25 deu>eng ergänzende native Untersuchung plain film pro closed ok
- Mar 14 ita>deu riunioni a distanza virtuelle Gruppenkommunikation pro closed ok
- Feb 29 fra>eng Chef de Clinique Soins Intensifs ICU attending physician pro closed ok
3 Feb 5 deu>eng zentralnervöse Injektion CNS injection (specifically, intracerebroventricular (ICV) injection) pro closed ok
- Feb 3 deu>eng FDE-Belegung color-coded duplex pro closed no
- Jan 24 deu>eng TR Trachealreflex (Hustenreflex) = cough reflex pro just_closed no
4 Jan 22 deu>eng Stauungshepatitis Congestive hepatopathy pro closed no
- Jan 17 deu>eng Entitätsbestimmung determining an exact tumor type pro closed ok
- Dec 9 '19 deu>eng Chondromalazie II. Grades in kleinerem Areal glenoidal bei 9 Uhr. grade-2 glenoidal chondromalacia affecting a small area at 9 o'clock pro open no
- Oct 21 '19 deu>eng Darmileus mit längslapartomie Ileus pro closed ok
- Oct 21 '19 deu>eng Afferenzstörung Afferent (sensory) pathway defect pro closed no
4 Oct 16 '19 deu>eng SD thyroid [gland] pro closed no
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