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English to (native) Korean and Korean to (native) English

게시: Dec 2, 2020 22:13 GMT   (GMT: Dec 2, 2020 22:13)
심사 및 통지 발송 위치: Dec 2, 2020 22:18 GMT

Job type: 가망 작업
Service required: Translation

언어: English to Korean, Korean to English

직무 기술:

We are in need of both an English to (native) Korean and Korean to (native) English translators for various translation projects. Terminologies include legal, medical and technical translations. Kindly reply with a resume as well as best price per English word (regardless if English is the source or target language). Please also keep in mind that this is for long term collaboration.

Budget and payment details:
Budget information for this job is restricted to those who meet the requirements of the job.
Poster country: 캐나다

서비스 제공자 목표(작업 게시자 명시):
info 선호 전문지식: Tech/Engineering, Bus/Financial, Medical, Law/Patents
info 필수 원어민 수준 언어: 도착어(들)
주제 분야: 법 (일반)
인증서: 필수
가격 제시 마감일: Dec 3, 2020 05:00 GMT
추가 요건:
- At least 5 years in the field

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외주자 소개:
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