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[YCOMM] Expanding translator/reviewer pool for potential web-comics and novels

게시: Mar 24, 2021 09:01 GMT   (GMT: Mar 24, 2021 09:01)
심사 및 통지 발송 위치: Mar 24, 2021 11:47 GMT

Job type: 가망 작업
Services required: Translation, Checking/editing

Languages open for quoting: 한국어에서 영어, 한국어에서 프랑스어
Quoting closed: 영어에서 프랑스어, 중국어에서 영어

직무 기술:
Good day, YCOMM is currently expanding the translators and reviewers pool for our potential webcomic(webtoon) projects for the following languages.

English > French
Korean > English
Korean > French
Chinese > English

Korean > English

Please refer to the following to apply for this position.

Basic Qualifications :
- Fluent in both source and the target language
- Excellent communication skills
- Strong time management and planning.

Preferred Qualifications :
- Has experience translating webcomics or novels
- Regularly enjoys reading webcomics and novels and understands the terms often used in webcomics. (including onomatopoeias)

How to apply :
- Please send your resume or CV to [HIDDEN]
- Brief description of your work experiences in this field is preferred.

You will be sent a short sample test of translation or review if your application is approved.

Thank you for your interest.

---- Text below added Mar 30, 2021 15:28 KST (GMT+9) by job poster ----

Our English to French translator/reviewer position is full. Thank you for taking the interest.

Please send us your CV and work history to [HIDDEN]

Poster country: 대한민국

서비스 제공자 목표(작업 게시자 명시):
멤버십: 비회원은 12시간 후 가격을 제시할 수 있습니다
info 선호 원어민 수준 언어: 도착어(들)
주제 분야: 일반/대화/안부 인사/편지
가격 제시 마감일: Dec 30, 2021 15:00 GMT
외주자 소개:
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Contact person title: Project manager

제시 받은 가격: 37
영어에서 프랑스어:19 (Quoting closed)
중국어에서 영어:10 (Quoting closed)
한국어에서 영어:5
한국어에서 프랑스어:3