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Bank Statements

게시: Apr 14, 2021 08:58 GMT   (GMT: Apr 14, 2021 08:58)

Job type: 번역/편집/교정 작업
Service required: Translation

언어: 한국어에서 영어

직무 기술:
We need Proofreading and Notarized Certificate of Translation for Korean Bank Statements that are already translated from Korean To English. Document to be sent to by USPS First Class Mail after Notarization.

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Only US based Freelancers need to apply

지불 방법: 은행 송금
Payment terms: 1 day 인보이스 날짜 기준.
Poster country: 미국

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멤버십: 회원(유료)만 가격을 제시할 수 있습니다
주제 분야: 금융(일반)
가격 제시 마감일: Apr 17, 2021 17:52 GMT
납기: Apr 19, 2021 17:52 GMT
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