Shirts, shorts and shoes: fashion translation at a glance

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Summary:Learn how to meet the needs of the ever-growing fashion industry as multilingual websites and online shops expand their market share every day: a concise guide for better fashion translations.
In a few concise steps, learn how to meet the needs of the ever-growing fashion industry as multilingual websites and online shops expand their market share every day.
We all wear clothes, so fashion translation really is like any other marketing translation, you just translate what's there - that's what many of us think, clients, agencies and translators alike. This, however, is very often the first in a series of mistakes that lead to an unsatisfactory relationship between client and translator.

In this webinar you will learn what the fashion clients wish, how you can deliver that and what tools you will need in order to do so.
This is a very fast lived sector, you have to act quickly and wisely in order to deliver the client what he wants, when he wants it.
Time management is a big factor in this kind of translation - not because of the size of documents, rather because you need to give a quick turnover time for many different little things and the odd larger-scale one.

Make it sell: The more your client sells, the sooner he will come back to you for more. Make those products attractive! It's challenging to combine speed, accuracy and that special feel for fashion into one. But with a little preparation and the right tools at your hand you will be able to meet your clients expectations. You will learn how to apply to a job posting: what to send, how to send it and what to expect. Also you will learn to deal with the feedback from the client.
Whether you are already doing some translation in this sector or none at all, this course will boost your confidence as to how to approach things and help you get it right - the first time.

From a point of view of a regular fashion translator and that of an ex-PM, I will show you how to make more of your time and cut off your part of the cake.
Target audience
- Freelance translators in the fashion industry
- Fashion translators with little or some experience
- Agencies working with clients in the fashion and textile industry looking for more suitable translators
Learning objectives
With this course you can climb one step ahead and differentiate yourself from other translators in the fashion industry. Know your weapons, know how to attack.
Basic knowledge in translation, an interest in fashion and to get established as a translator in this field
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- General: What is fashion translation and why is it so important?
- The clients: Who are my clients, what do they want and what do they expect?
- The translation/document: What do I get and not get from the client? How do I work with what I have?
- The setting: Where and what is my information? How do I prepare?
- The tools: How to make the most of an empty TM and why to use them.
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 Rea Gutzwiller    View feedback | View all courses
Bio: Freelance translator. Master’s Degree in Specialised Translation from ÉTI (now FTI), University of Geneva 2008. During 2 years as PM in an agency she has learnt to deal with fashion clients on a direct basis. Now she is mainly translating for the fashion industry with several large fashion retail companies as clients. Those daily translations have given her the necessary experience to anticipate sooner what the fashion market will want.
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