The Successful Negotiator: Key Attributes to Win Those Projects

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Creating an Online Portfolio to Attract Clients
Creating a Great First Impression
The Successful Negotiator: Key Attributes to Win Those Projects

Summary:Do you want to establish up front contracts with your clients to ensure you reach your goals? Do you want to learn how to remove emotions from negotiating? Do you want to stop feeling as thought you “lost” in the deal? The Successful Negotiator Webinar is designed to help linguists answer “yes” to these questions and more…
The translation industry continues to become more and more competitive.  In order to win more business, translators really only have 2 options: continually lower their rates (which is a bad proposition) or sell on their reputation and quality. Either way you need to be a Successful Negotiator.  Because negotiation is a very powerful tool, in order for you to get what you feel you deserve, you will have to be a Successful Negotiator.  

Skilled negotiators use questions (seeking information) to fully understand the problems, needs and position of their counterparts. The Successful Negotiator webinar will teach linguists how to ask questions that will position themselves to reach their goals. Successful Negotiators also use testing, understanding and summarizing to probe, test and clarify difficult areas before asking for agreement. The Successful Negotiator webinar will learn techniques such as behavior labeling ("Let me just check my understanding…" or "If I could just summarize for a moment…"), and use substantially more feelings commentary ("I feel we are making good progress") than less-skilled negotiators.

Participants will learn to avoid immediate counter proposals, argument dilution (a weak argument dilutes a strong one, and the more arguments, the more risks), irritators (words or phrases which do nothing to persuade but irritate the other side, e.g., "The way I see it, we've made a very generous offer here"), and defend/attack spirals (escalating exchanges of attacks).

The Successful Negotiator webinar will teach translators that planning their negotiation is important, but if you can control and utilize interactive behaviors effectively, you will greatly increase your success rate with more win-win outcomes.
Target audience
Experienced freelancers who want to attract more clients.
Outsources who want to get new end clients.
Freelancers starting in the translation industry who want to learn selling skills to rapidly grow their language business.
Learning objectives
In this video, you will learn how to:

1. Go through the different steps of the negotiation process

2. Develop the key attributes of successful negotiators

3. Improve communication and listening skills

4. Overcome objections

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1. What is negotiation

2. Key attributes of successful negotiators

3. The negotiation process

4. How to prepare for negotiation

5. How to overcome objections

6. The role of value
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Bio: Marcela Jenney-Reyes is a professional cross cultural marketing and business coach consultant with over 20 years of experience in the translation and localization industry. An ATA-certified English-into-Spanish translator, Marcela has gone through all the various stages of the translation business. For 10 years she worked as a successful freelance translator, then moved into the corporate world to manage the translation and localization department of a worldwide bank, and later founded her own translation and localization company. When her firm was acquired in 2007, she spent the next two years successfully serving as the Director of Sales, Marketing and Communications for the newly merged company. Then in 2009 her reputation for producing the highest quality work and implementing cutting edge strategies and methodologies led her to open Latitudes Training, Coaching and Consulting, a company that helps solo entrepreneurs, small business owners, consultants, executives and professionals from diverse backgrounds create and integrate their unique selling propositions into the U.S. market.

Marcela Jenney-Reyes has a Bachelors degree in Communications, is a Certified Translator with the American Translator’s Association, is Certified as a Business Cross Cultural Trainer, and holds certifications in Marketing Management and as a Localization Project Manager. In 2004 she served as the President of the Florida division of the American Translators Association. In Spring 2010 Marcela will receive her MBA in Marketing, her certification as a Certified Personal Branding Strategist, and her certificate as a Professional Coach. She’s a worldwide traveler, has lived in several countries, and is fluent in English and Spanish.
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