P03-Project Mgmt. for Translators & Interpreters

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Topics: Business of Translation and Interpreting
Business skills for translators
Translation project management
Time management

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Duration: 76 minutes.

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Summary:Are you always struggling to deliver your work on time with the highest quality? Have you avoided seeking or receiving large projects because you feel intimidated? Would you like to be more productive and have some peace of mind? Then don’t miss learning this easy and fun way of managing your projects as a freelancer.
This workshop will show you that for freelancers, project management just means “organizing your workload”. This hands-on experience allows you to learn simple techniques that make the process of organizing your work a FUN activity instead of a tedious chore.

Big projects may be your wish in terms of income, but they can become overwhelming. Even small projects may be intimidating if we have too many of them and don’t know how to prioritize the work. And then there is all the other “stuff” you never have time to tackle, like improving your billing or filing systems to be more productive. Acquire easy to use tools that help you be your own nagging boss, that allow you to have a clear picture of how to run the project and how it should look once it is finished, and to estimate the time needed for completion. All this while having fun!
Target audience
Freelancers starting in the translation industry.
Experienced freelancers who want to improve their organization skills.
Learning objectives
This 90-minute hands-on workshop provides simple and fun ways to manage your projects. At the completion of the workshop you will have acquired a fail-safe method of organizing your workload, by setting up a repeatable process, learning to focus on the essential aspects of your job, and helping you acquire skills to set reasonable priorities as well as long-term goals.
Please have these with you at the start of the session:
-- List of current jobs in progress (and expected jobs if any known)
-- List of all your “important” pending items (“to-do” list)
-- A “wish” list (things you would “like” to do in 2013-2014)
-- Large Bulletin Board or usable wall
-- Push pins and/or scotch tape
-- A “one page” calendar of 2013-2014 (or screen-size if electronic) (you can download and/or print it for free from the internet)
-- A large “month-by-month” wall or desk calendar of 2013-2014 (or its equivalent for your screen), with sufficient space on each day’s box to write several lines of text (available from the internet)
-- Color markers or color pens (at least 3 colors)
-- White out
-- SMALL post-it notes (or equivalent), preferably in different colors
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Project Management Simplified

Translation PM

Review and Preparation

Define the Outcome

Set up the Process

Organize the Tasks

Invest in Due Dates


Chewing Large Projects

Seven (7) Brauer Tools for PM/Time Mgt.
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Created by
 Claudia Brauer    View feedback | View all courses
Bio: Claudia became a trainer of translators and interpreters in 2011, after 35 years of experience as a translator and interpreter. She is also a speaker, writer and blogger on topics related to the current state of the translation and interpreting industry.

She has designed and delivered more than 300 hours of proprietary content and uses her wikis to freely disseminated some 25 copyrighted tools designed to help translators and interpreters in the 21st century virtual village.

The vision of BrauerTraining is to educate translators and interpreters, so they may become great quality professionals with a high code of ethics, embracing technology to remain competitive in today's world.

Claudia can be found on the web at and on Twitter as @Brauer21Century.
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