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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Oct 19 esl>eng contra la presentación upon/against submission of pro closed ok
4 Sep 25 esl>eng moras Defaults/late payments/delinquency pro closed ok
4 Sep 24 esl>eng no se ha cumplido con la garantía commitment/guarantee has not been fulfilled/failure to comply with the commitment pro closed ok
4 Sep 24 esl>eng reconocimiento de personas identification of individuals pro closed ok
- Sep 6 esl>eng luzcan desarticuladas appear to be/look disjointed/unorganized pro closed ok
4 Aug 26 esl>eng a título de cargo charging [him] with/holding [him] responsible for pro closed ok
4 Aug 5 esl>eng haciendo constar recording/establishing/stating pro closed ok
- Jul 17 esl>eng RNA National Registry of Auditors pro open no
- Jul 1 esl>eng siendo su financiamiento acordado financing thereof being subsequently agreed upon (by the parties) pro closed ok
- Jul 1 esl>eng art. 11 apart. 2.2⁰ de la ley Section 11(2.2) of law/Section 11, subsection 2.2, of law pro closed ok
- Jun 19 esl>eng se encuentra conforme it is rendered acceptable/found acceptable pro closed ok
- Jun 19 esl>eng reciba inhibitoria is granted/issued a writ of prohibition pro open no
- Jun 18 esl>eng LXMU LXMU (X Miscellaneous Utilities library) pro open no
- Jun 16 esl>eng que obran en el procedimiento filed in/submitted/included in the proceedings pro closed ok
- Jun 12 esl>eng Suscripcion de Garantias Hipotecarias Mortgage underwriting/Underwriting of mortgage securities/guarantees pro closed ok
4 May 29 esl>eng por título de donación acquired by gift/as a gift pro closed ok
- May 26 esl>eng se debe asesorar delicadamente sound advice should be given on this matter pro closed ok
4 May 15 esl>eng TR TR pro closed ok
- May 15 esl>eng CUADRO RESUMEN DE CRÉDITOS Summary Table/Chart of Credits pro closed no
- May 14 esl>eng La Jefa Adjunta de la.. Deputy Head pro closed no
- May 11 esl>eng revisiones abiertas ongoing tax reviews / under review pro closed no
- May 5 esl>eng relaciones de cargo position lists pro closed no
4 Apr 1 esl>eng entrega de las consideraciones feedback will be given pro closed ok
4 Mar 31 esl>eng ha contado con las siguientes colaboraciones The following (people) have contributed to the study/Contributions to the study were made by: pro closed ok
- Oct 28 '19 esl>eng su aprobación en ruta especificada your approval signature on specified path pro just_closed no
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