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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Today ita>eng quanto liquidato the court settlement pro open no
- Oct 6 ita>eng Il Costituito The established person pro closed ok
- Sep 1 ita>eng bene diffuso diffuse/widespread environmental interest pro closed ok
4 Aug 17 ita>eng residui rientri residual repayments on credit facilities/loans open with banking system pro closed no
- Aug 10 ita>eng Verbale di passaggio agli atti tra vivi di testamento pubblico Record of transfer of notarised last will and testament to inter vivos acts pro closed ok
- Jul 19 ita>eng Praticante senza patrocinio trainee lawyer/advocate without full rights of audience pro open no
- Jul 16 ita>eng contrasto patrimoniale fight against criminal assets (originating) from organised crime pro closed ok
3 Jul 13 ita>eng si espone argues/shows/presents/expounds pro closed no
- Jun 30 ita>eng questi servizi sul nucleo unit pro open no
4 Jun 22 ita>eng Primo presidente f.f. Acting Chief Justice/President of the Court pro closed no
4 Jun 16 ita>eng applicatori autorizzati authoris(z)ed/accredited installers pro closed no
- May 26 ita>eng Oggetto: Giuramento dell'a.d.s. provvisorio Oath taken by the provisional guardian/deputy pro closed ok
- May 23 ita>eng Quote conguaglio gestione allocation of shares (year) administration costs difference pro closed ok
- May 22 ita>eng Contributi condominiali building service charges/fees/costs/dues pro closed no
4 May 22 ita>eng mettere in esecuzione il presente titolo to enforce this order pro closed no
- May 22 ita>eng è da intendersi apposta, comunque, in calce all'atto ... retainer as defence counsel is deemed exhibited, in any case, at the foot of these papers pro closed no
4 May 21 ita>eng a questo termine può essere proposta opposizione an application may be filed challenging this term/time limit pro closed no
4 May 19 ita>eng dove nei prospetti "ripartizione della previsione di spesa" in statements under (the item) "breakdown of forecast expenditure" pro closed no
4 May 19 ita>eng in virtù di procura in atti, rilasciata separatamente, espone: under the retainer as defence counsel, granted separately, makes the following arguments: pro closed no
- Apr 22 ita>eng in ragione dependent or also dependent on (the annual amount or financial ceiling) pro closed no
4 Apr 21 ita>eng Ufficio Centrale Stupefacenti Department for Drug Control and Quality pro closed ok
- Apr 5 ita>eng sub specie di pretesa di rimborso specifically, under a reimbursement claim/claim for reimbursement pro closed no
4 Mar 26 ita>eng gestionale operating (management) report pro closed no
- Mar 21 ita>eng corso seminar(s) pro closed ok
- Mar 19 ita>eng rata da rottamazione dei ruoli payment of instalment under the tax/contribution settlement write-off procedure pro open no
4 Mar 5 ita>eng fatto avvenuto in data e luogo sconosciuto incident which occurred, time and place which are unknown pro closed ok
4 Mar 2 ita>eng Patrocinio Forense Ridotto Restricted Principal Practice pro closed ok
4 Feb 26 ita>eng manda ad avvertire con le comunicazioni e notificazioni di rito orders the relevant notifications and case-related papers to be servered on: pro closed ok
- Feb 20 ita>eng lavoratori assunti in somministrazione temporary workers pro closed no
4 Feb 17 ita>eng G.R. Presiding Judge pro closed no
- Feb 14 ita>eng punto It depends ... (3) pro just_closed no
- Feb 14 ita>eng e che in mancanza, insufficienza o idoneità della dichiarazione in the case of failure to make a statement, inadequacy or unfittingness of such statement or ... pro closed no
3 Feb 13 ita>eng turni a scacchi on-off work shift roster/schedule pro closed no
- Feb 13 ita>eng per giusti titoli anteriori my means of due title and rights arising earlier than the last thirty years. pro closed ok
4 Feb 12 ita>eng il verbale degli atti eventualmente compiuti record of any procedural steps taken pro closed no
3 Feb 11 ita>eng CHIEDE l'emissione del decreto che dispone il giudizio APPLIES for a decree/order to be delivered initiating criminal proceedings (trial) against the ... pro closed no
- Feb 11 ita>eng sulla scorta di un suo obbligo di legge vi fosse tenuto based on his legal duty (legal compliance), he may have retained pro closed no
4 Dec 18 '19 ita>eng C'è stata riserva there was doubt [to call into question] pro closed ok
- Dec 9 '19 ita>eng rinvenire relatio evidence pro open no
- Nov 18 '19 ita>eng Registro somme e valori Deposit of sale price and other expenses register pro closed ok
4 Nov 18 '19 ita>eng capogruppo mandataria e mandanti lead or principal enterprise and associate enterprises pro closed ok
4 Nov 13 '19 ita>eng si notifichi alle parti costituite to be served on the parties to this matter pro closed no
4 Oct 21 '19 ita>eng provvedimento di descrizione execution of description pro closed no
4 Oct 17 '19 ita>eng Ordinanza di accoglimento totale Order for full admissibility pro closed ok
4 Oct 12 '19 ita>eng dare reciproco atto the parties mutually/reciprocally acknowledge pro closed no
- Oct 11 '19 ita>fra in accoglimento della richiesta d'incidente probatorio the application for the pre-trial hearing for gathering evidence is admitted pro closed ok
4 Oct 10 '19 ita>eng Verbale per divorzio contenzioso record to contested divorce proceedings pro closed ok
4 Oct 1 '19 ita>eng indeterminato per ragioni di materia due to the matter (under examination) the value of the case cannot be determined pro closed no
4 Sep 28 '19 ita>eng senza che mai possa essere opposta insufficienza o indeterminatezza di procura that no objection may be raised challenging the sufficiency and certainty (of the power of attorney) pro closed ok
4 Sep 27 '19 ita>eng nomina e costituisce appoints and vests as attorney-in-fact with special powers of attorney pro closed no
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