Turkish to English 번역: 자유번역가 및 자유통역사 디렉토리

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Turkish to English 번역가 및 통역사 » General fields

Turkish to English Tech/Engineering 번역가 (5347)
Turkish to English Art/Literary 번역가 (4302)
Turkish to English Medical 번역가 (497)
Turkish to English Law/Patents 번역가 (6630)
Turkish to English Science 번역가 (967)
Turkish to English Bus/Financial 번역가 (2317)
Turkish to English Marketing 번역가 (1235)
Turkish to English Other 번역가 (2864)
Turkish to English Social Sciences 번역가 (370)

Turkish to English 번역가 및 통역사 » Specific fields

Turkish to English 번역가: 회계 (928)
Turkish to English 번역가: 광고/홍보 (2132)
Turkish to English 번역가: 항공우주 산업/항공/우주 (515)
Turkish to English 번역가: 농업 (1013)
Turkish to English 번역가: 가축/축산업 (405)
Turkish to English 번역가: 인류학
Turkish to English 번역가: 고고학 (557)
Turkish to English 번역가: 건축학
Turkish to English 번역가: 미술, 예술 및 공예, 그림
Turkish to English 번역가: 천문학 및 우주 (681)
Turkish to English 번역가: 금융 (일반) (1965)
Turkish to English 번역가: 자동화 및 로봇 공학
Turkish to English 번역가: 자동차/승용차 및 트럭
Turkish to English 번역가: 생물학
Turkish to English 번역가: 식물학
Turkish to English 번역가: 건설/토목 공학 (1185)
Turkish to English 번역가: 비지니스/상업 (일반)
Turkish to English 번역가: 자재 (플라스틱, 세라믹 등등) (730)
Turkish to English 번역가: 증명서, 학위, 자격증, 이력서
Turkish to English 번역가: 화학; 화학 과학/공학
Turkish to English 번역가: 시 및 문학
Turkish to English 번역가: 영화 산업, 영화, TV, 드라마
Turkish to English 번역가: 직물/의류/패션 (1578)
Turkish to English 번역가: 원격(통신) (1366)
Turkish to English 번역가: 컴퓨터 (일반)
Turkish to English 번역가: 컴퓨터: 하드웨어
Turkish to English 번역가: 컴퓨터: 소프트웨어
Turkish to English 번역가: 컴퓨터: 시스템, 네트워크 (1252)
Turkish to English 번역가: 법: 계약 (1629)
Turkish to English 번역가: 조리/요리
Turkish to English 번역가: 화장품, 뷰티 (1151)
Turkish to English 번역가: 의료: 치과
Turkish to English 번역가: 미디어/멀티미디어 (2258)
Turkish to English 번역가: 경제학
Turkish to English 번역가: 교육/ 교육학 (1763)
Turkish to English 번역가: 전자 공학/전기 공학 (1051)
Turkish to English 번역가: 에너지/발전 (1017)
Turkish to English 번역가: 공학 (일반) (1458)
Turkish to English 번역가: 공학: 공업
Turkish to English 번역가: 기계학/기계공학
Turkish to English 번역가: 핵 공학/과학 (243)
Turkish to English 번역가: 환경 및 생태학 (1182)
Turkish to English 번역가: 밀교 실행 (169)
Turkish to English 번역가: 어업
Turkish to English 번역가: 전통 문화 (574)
Turkish to English 번역가: 음식 및 음료
Turkish to English 번역가: 임학/목재/재목 (226)
Turkish to English 번역가: 가구/가전제품 (481)
Turkish to English 번역가: 게임/비디오 게임/게이밍/카지노
Turkish to English 번역가: 광업 및 광물/보석
Turkish to English 번역가: 계보학
Turkish to English 번역가: 일반/대화/안부 인사/편지 (1730)
Turkish to English 번역가: 유전학 (333)
Turkish to English 번역가: 지리학
Turkish to English 번역가: 지질학
Turkish to English 번역가: 정부/정치 (1727)
Turkish to English 번역가: 사진술/이미징 (및 그래픽 아트) (875)
Turkish to English 번역가: 의료: 보건 (1234)
Turkish to English 번역가: 역사 (1665)
Turkish to English 번역가: 관광 및 여행 (2506)
Turkish to English 번역가: 인력 (1502)
Turkish to English 번역가: 관용어/격언/속담
Turkish to English 번역가: 보험
Turkish to English 번역가: 국제 조직/개발/협력
Turkish to English 번역가: 인터넷, 전자상거래 (1981)
Turkish to English 번역가: 투자/증권
Turkish to English 번역가: 금속공학/주조 (323)
Turkish to English 번역가: IT (정보기술)
Turkish to English 번역가: 저널리즘 (929)
Turkish to English 번역가: 부동산 (615)
Turkish to English 번역가: 법 (일반) (1707)
Turkish to English 번역가: 법: 특허, 상표, 저작권 (848)
Turkish to English 번역가: 법: 세금 및 관세
Turkish to English 번역가: 언어학
Turkish to English 번역가: 운송/수송/해상 운송 (1418)
Turkish to English 번역가: 경영 (1231)
Turkish to English 번역가: 제조업
Turkish to English 번역가: 선박, 항해, 해양
Turkish to English 번역가: 마케팅/시장 조사 (1881)
Turkish to English 번역가: 수학 및 통계학 (624)
Turkish to English 번역가: 의료 (일반) (1650)
Turkish to English 번역가: 의학: 심장학 (590)
Turkish to English 번역가: 의료: 기구
Turkish to English 번역가: 의료: 의약품 (893)
Turkish to English 번역가: 기상학 (97)
Turkish to English 번역가: 계량학 (135)
Turkish to English 번역가: 군대/국방 (736)
Turkish to English 번역가: 음악
Turkish to English 번역가: 명의 (개인, 회사)
Turkish to English 번역가: 영양 (661)
Turkish to English 번역가: 석유 공학/과학 (454)
Turkish to English 번역가: 기타 (442)
Turkish to English 번역가: 종이/제지
Turkish to English 번역가: 특허 (463)
Turkish to English 번역가: 철학 (911)
Turkish to English 번역가: 물리학
Turkish to English 번역가: 인쇄업 및 출판업 (888)
Turkish to English 번역가: 심리학 (1387)
Turkish to English 번역가: 종교 (843)
Turkish to English 번역가: 소매 (615)
Turkish to English 번역가: 보안 (354)
Turkish to English 번역가: SAP
Turkish to English 번역가: 과학(일반)
Turkish to English 번역가: 속어
Turkish to English 번역가: 사회과학, 사회학, 윤리학 등등
Turkish to English 번역가: 스포츠/신체 단련/취미
Turkish to English 번역가: 측량술 (609)
Turkish to English 번역가: 와인/포도주학/포도재배학 (220)
Turkish to English 번역가: 동물학

Turkish to English translators and interpreters

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Identity Verified   Paris Brooker
  Exceptional Quality, Reliable Delivery
marketing, website, websites, academic, literary, literature, journal, article, manual, public relations, native, Turkish, English ... English
0 points
Turkish to English
  Philip Buckley
  25 years in Turkey, Travel, IT & Media
Tourism, Computers, Business, Art and Architecture, History. ... English
0 points
Turkish to English
Identity Verified   Michael Entin
  "Never missed a deadline"
Keywords for search engine: law, legal, documents, birth, marriage, divorce, adoption, certificates, copyright, patents, insurance, advertisement, computer, software, hardware, technology, military, telephony, localization, health, medicine, pharmaceutical, pharmaceutics, finance, accounting, oil, gas, industry, education, diploma, transcript, handwritten, history, education, electric, electrical, engineering, latin, cyrillic, PDF, technical, proofreading, editing, manuals, subtitles, voice-over, biomedicine, chemistry, chemical, medical, IT, biochemistry, medical instruments, medical devices ... English
0 points
Turkish to English
Identity Verified   Aziz Kural
  Real meaning behind the clutter of words
IT, PHP, ASP, Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, Web Design, Web Programming, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Medicare, Video. Software Localization, Audio, Audios, Books, Novels, Proofreading, Editing, Translation, Translator, T+E+P ... Turkish
154 points
Turkish to English
Identity Verified   emine mizyal adsiz
  Bilingual background, quick turnaround
art, culture, tourism, social sciences, multimedia, English voiceover, nursing, law, contracts, agreements ... English/Turkish
20 points
Turkish to English
Identity Verified   Aydin Yulug
  Translation by Medical Doctor
Medical Technical Science Business and Marketing ... English/Turkish
64 points
Turkish to English
Identity Verified   Balaban Cerit
  Speed is important; quality is essential
accurate, ASP, Automation, bilgisayar çevirisi, business translation, business translations, çeviri hizmeti, çeviri hizmetleri, çevirmen, deneyim, deneyimli, Document Translation, Excel, Doküman çevirisi, DTP, electric, electronic, elektrik, endüstri, English-to-Turkish, English-Turkish, fast, finance, financial, finans, freelance translator, free-lance translator, freelance translators, free-lance translators, freelancer, free-lancer, fulltime, full-time, Games, Gaming, GSM phones, hızlı, HTML, Word, industrial, industry, İngilizce çeviri, İngilizce tercüme, İngilizce tercüman;İngilizceden Türkçeye, İngilizce-Türkçe, kalite, kullanım kılavuzları, kullanım kılavuzu, Management, manual, manuals, Media, Mobil, Mobile, network, newsletters, online çeviri, on-line çeviri, on-line çevirmen, online translation, on-line translation, on-line translator, Otomasyon, Pazar araştırması, PDF, PHP, Flash, Photoshop, Physics, Political, PR, Profesyonel çevirmen, program, programlama, programming, pro ... Turkish
160 points
Turkish to English
Identity Verified   Gulay Baran
  Tech / Engineering, IT, Games, Marketing
translation, tercüme, website, tercüman, çeviri, çevirmen, economics, finance, financial, securities, Turkish software localizer, investment, accounting, business management, marketing, market research, e-commerce, press releases, Turkish internationalized, civil, robotics, software, computers, letters, Turkish project manager, hardware, banking, engineering, mathematics, mechanics, statistics, English, law, contracts, user guide, patents, trademarks, copyrights, medical equipments, taxation, cars, trucks, customs, internationalisation, automotive, ships, article, shipping, letter of recommendation, sailing, maritime, transport, transportation, botany, Turkey, zoology, construction, plastics, ceramics, materials, printing&publishing, photography, graphic arts, paper manufacturing, music, web site çevirisi, internet, manufacturing, Turkish website, website translation, history, politics, cinema, film, portable devices, TV, software localization, environment, ecology, tourism, technical ... Turkish
142 points
Turkish to English
Identity Verified   Nuri Razi
  15 years in the industry
Turkish, English, Russian, Turkmen, Turkey, technical, translator, finance, law, automotive, mechanical, engineer, economist, engineering, economics, petroleum, chemistry, native, Turkish, translator, Turkish, translator, localization, service, medical, interpreter, ethnic, petrochemistry, native, experience, commitment, professional, proofreading, subtitling, editing, переводчик, турецкий переводчик, турция, DTP, xml, Passolo, Framemaker, ATA, member, American Association of Translators, interpreter, SDL Trados, IT, information, technology, proofreader, editor, Türkçe, İngilizce Tercüman, Çevirmen, Yeminli, tercüman, sworn, translator, certified, ITI, simultaneous, consecutive, experienced, proficient, reference, master's degree, PHD, foreign language, Turkish, paypal, conference, translator, moneybookers, SDL Studio 2011, SDL Studio 2009, Multitran, Across, Multilizer, WordFast, Deja Vu, DipTrans, DPSI, Chartered Institute of Linguists, CIOL, IOL, IOLET, Trados, proz.com, proz, SDL, ... Turkish
163 points
Turkish to English
Identity Verified   Kalsac1 회계, 농업, 건축학, 미술, 예술 및 공예, 그림, 자동차/승용차 및 트럭, 건설/토목 공학, 영화 산업, 영화, TV, 드라마, 원격(통신), 컴퓨터 (일반), 화장품, 뷰티, 경제학, 교육/ 교육학, 공학 (일반), 환경 및 생태학, 직물/의류/패션, 정부/정치, 사진술/이미징 (및 그래픽 아트), 의료: 보건, 관광 및 여행, 인력, 인터넷, 전자상거래, 투자/증권, 법 (일반), 선박, 항해, 해양, 미디어/멀티미디어, 의료 (일반), 군대/국방, 석유 공학/과학, 특허, 운송/수송/해상 운송, 법: 특허, 상표, 저작권, 광고/홍보, 금융 (일반), 비지니스/상업 (일반), 법: 계약, 의료: 치과, 보험, 마케팅/시장 조사, 의료: 의약품, 에너지/발전 ... English/Turkish
4 points
Turkish to English
Identity Verified   James Dirgin
  Turkish Translator
Full time native speaker of English translator with 35 years of experience into English legal, technical, and medical translations. ... Turkish/English
4 points
Turkish to English
  Türkü Naz Altınay
  English-Turkish Translator, 9 years exp.
Turkish, English, Academic articles, Technical, Legal documents, art documents, documentaries ... Turkish/English
0 points
Turkish to English
Identity Verified   ckoc
  Fast, Accurate & Affordable for 20 years
English to Turkish, Turkish, English, Native English, Istanbul, British English to Turkish, Legal Turkish, Turkey and the EU translations, Turkish to English translations, Native English speaker for Turkish translations, Istanbul based translator, Istanbul based Turkish to English translator ... English/Turkish
0 points
Turkish to English
Identity Verified   Tuncay Kurt
medical, nursing, denstistry, pharmacology, marketing authorization, drug products, pharmaceuticals, pharmachology, clinical review, non-clinical review, validation files, approval files, common technical documents, new drug applications, study reports, patient reports, medical devices, medical instruments, sop, ctd, icf ... Turkish
120 points
Turkish to English
Identity Verified   elovinfosse
  Experienced & Professional Translator
Persian, Farsi, Turkish, Turkey, Dari, Tajik, Iran, Iranian, Persian, Persia, Pashto, Pashtu, Pakhtu, Pakhto, Paxto, Paxtu, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, translation, transcription, subtitling, voice-over, editing, teaching, ESL, English, freelancer, language doctor, live translation, text translation, chat translation, instant translation, skype translation, machine translation ... English
0 points
Turkish to English
  Andrew Gilmour
  Dilleri var bizim dile benzemez!
insurance, reinsurance, business, history, politics, chess, consumer surveys, sport ... English
0 points
Turkish to English
Identity Verified   Annette Boon
  Over 20 years translation experience
automotive, finance, IT, management, training, technology, business ... English
0 points
Turkish to English
Identity Verified   altugk
  BSc&MSc, Full-stack Tech. Translator
Turkish, IT, computers, network, software, localization, quality management, quality assurance, mining, training manual, programming, operations research, optimization, mechanical engineering, computer security, user manual, maintenance manual, operation manual, petroleum engineering, translation, games, game, automotive ... Turkish
115 points
Turkish to English
  Hamed Jamalpour English, French, Interpreter, United Nations, Medicine, Art, Psychology, Science ... English
0 points
Turkish to English
Identity Verified   Serdar Usta
  IT and Automotive Specialist
Turkish, translation, translator, proofreading, editing, telecommunication, telecommuting, computer books, software, hardware, IT, information technology, computer, engineering, communication, science, scientific articles, localization, help, pc, manuals, brochures, magazines, technical, trade, marketing, contracts, Turkish Localization, Turkish translation, Turkish proofreading, information technologies, commercial translation, technical translation, Computers: Software, Computers: Hardware, Business/Commerce (general), Automotive / Cars & Trucks, Turkish linguist, experienced Turkish translator, SW Strings translation, Trados, SDL Trados, SDLX, Wordfast, Passolo, Catalyst, Sworn Translator, Web Page translation, Turkish Web Page translation, IT, Telecom(munications), aviation, navigation, aircraft technology, English to Turkish linguist ... Turkish
112 points
Turkish to English
Identity Verified   Giray Türkmen
  Top Quality English-Turkish Translations
translation, Turkish translation, English to Turkish translation, English Turkish, English to Turkish, English Turkish translation, English to Turkish translator, English Turkish translator, Turkish translator, localization, Turkish localization, English to Turkish localization, transcreation, Turkish transcreation, English to Turkish transcreation, marketing, Turkish marketing translator, English to Turkish marketing translator, Turkish marketing translation, English to Turkish marketing translation, digital marketing, Turkish digital marketing translation, English to Turkish digital marketing translation, finance, Turkish finance translator, English to Turkish financial translation, Turkish financial translation, English to Turkish financial translator, financial markets, capital markets, stock exchanges, cryptocurrencies, Turkish forex translator, English to Turkish forex translator, English to Turkish forex translation, Turkish cryptocurrency translation, English to Turkish cryptoc ... English/Turkish
20 points
Turkish to English
Identity Verified   Nihan Pekmen
  All technical and business
Turkish, science, engineering, health, management, non-fiction, agreements, contracts, medicine, manuals, türkçe, ingilizce, tercüme, mühendislik, sağlık, altyazı, sözleşme, teknik şartname, kullanım kılavuzu, tıp, beslenme, beslenme destekleri, gıda takviyeleri, bitkiler, website localization, yerelleştirme, kimya, biyoloji, mikrobiyoloji, biyokimya, biyoteknoloji, enzimoloji, süt teknolojisi, dairy science, cereals, hububat, et ve et ürünleri, meat and poultry, hygiene and sanitation, food packaging, quality control, HACCP, GMP, ISO 22000, Codex Alimentarius, Gıda Kodeksi, notary approved, noter yeminli, pazarlama, yeme-içme, marketing, sales, satış, OHSAS, Occupational Health and Safety, İş ve İşçi Güvenliği, Health at Work, dietary supplements, HORECA ... Turkish
60 points
Turkish to English
Identity Verified   Özgür Salman
  subtitler of over 3.000 episodes
cinema, sinema, movie, movies, tv, television, episode, episodes, dvd, show, tv show, drama, çeviri, çevirmen, documentary, documentaries, belgesel, talk show, subtitle, subtitling, dubbing, overdub, altyazı, alt yazı, dublaj, seslendirme, altyazı çevirisi, alt yazı çevirisi, dublaj çevirisi, seslendirme çevirisi, altyazı çevirmeni, alt yazı çevirmeni, dublaj çevirmeni, seslendirme çevirmeni, freelance, freelancer, media, medya, serbest çevirmen, çeviri, translator, translating, translation, series, film, films, food, gıda, yiyecek, spor, sports, bilgisayar, bilişim, IT, computer, computers, software, hardware, localization, web, internet, donanım, yazılım, yerelleştirme, home office, ev ofisi, evden çeviri, evinden çeviri, evinden altyazı, evinden altyazı ... Turkish
102 points
Turkish to English
Identity Verified   Engin Gumus
  Translation with precision.
Linguistique, Sciences (général), Médecine (général), Droit (général), Ordinateurs (général), Finance (général), TI (technologie de l'information) Économie, Certificats / diplômes / licences / CV, Entreprise / commerce, translation, English, Turkish, french, ottoman, linguistics, sciences, medical texts, law, computers, finance, technology, politics, commece, translation, revision, control ... Turkish
8 points
Turkish to English
Identity Verified   Simden Pilon
  Experienced, professional and reliable
Media, movies, advertising, immigration, politics, business, finance, arts and entertainment, subtitling, Turkish English translator, law, personal, documents, military, general, proofreading, public relations, computers, dental, health care, marketing, experienced, reliable translations, international relations, international trade agreements, Türkçe İngilizce, tercüme, hukuki çeviri, altyazı, IT, pazarlama, reklam, medya, ... English/Turkish
8 points
Turkish to English
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