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분야(광범위)(필수) Determining general field
분야(특정)(필수)특정 분야 정하기
기술한 분야(더 자세한 설명을 위함)더 구체적 범주에서 쓰기

During the Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) crisis, COVID-19 questions will be given more visibility than the rest. Please check this option only if your question includes a term related to the COVID-19 outbreak or from a COVID-19 project.
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Help translators help you: providing context for the term for which you are seeking help is a valuable tool for potential answerers. The more context you can provide for your term, the better help you will tend to receive. Consider including such information as:

  • type of document/situation in which the term appears
  • country and dialect
  • target audience/country
  • specific context (the source sentence or paragraph where the term occurs)
  • any reference URLs, translations you are considering, etc.

See a more detailed description of context to include here.

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