English to Slovak 번역: 자유번역가 및 자유통역사 디렉토리

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English to Slovak 번역가 및 통역사 » General fields

English to Slovak Tech/Engineering 번역가 (717)
English to Slovak Art/Literary 번역가 (1449)
English to Slovak Medical 번역가 (2063)
English to Slovak Law/Patents 번역가 (12606)
English to Slovak Science 번역가 (19523)
English to Slovak Bus/Financial 번역가 (5682)
English to Slovak Marketing 번역가 (22754)
English to Slovak Other 번역가 (11558)
English to Slovak Social Sciences 번역가 (6615)

English to Slovak 번역가 및 통역사 » Specific fields

English to Slovak 번역가: Accounting
English to Slovak 번역가: Advertising / Public Relations
English to Slovak 번역가: Aerospace / Aviation / Space (97)
English to Slovak 번역가: Agriculture (187)
English to Slovak 번역가: Livestock / Animal Husbandry
English to Slovak 번역가: Anthropology (78)
English to Slovak 번역가: Archaeology (59)
English to Slovak 번역가: Architecture
English to Slovak 번역가: Art, Arts & Crafts, Painting (246)
English to Slovak 번역가: Astronomy & Space (63)
English to Slovak 번역가: Finance (general)
English to Slovak 번역가: Automation & Robotics
English to Slovak 번역가: Automotive / Cars & Trucks
English to Slovak 번역가: Biology (-tech,-chem,micro-) (168)
English to Slovak 번역가: Botany (66)
English to Slovak 번역가: Construction / Civil Engineering
English to Slovak 번역가: Business/Commerce (general) (704)
English to Slovak 번역가: Materials (Plastics, Ceramics, etc.)
English to Slovak 번역가: Certificates, Diplomas, Licenses, CVs (352)
English to Slovak 번역가: Chemistry; Chem Sci/Eng
English to Slovak 번역가: Poetry & Literature (420)
English to Slovak 번역가: Cinema, Film, TV, Drama (476)
English to Slovak 번역가: Textiles / Clothing / Fashion
English to Slovak 번역가: Telecom(munications)
English to Slovak 번역가: Computers (general) (537)
English to Slovak 번역가: Computers: Hardware
English to Slovak 번역가: Computers: Software (461)
English to Slovak 번역가: Computers: Systems, Networks
English to Slovak 번역가: Law: Contract(s)
English to Slovak 번역가: Cooking / Culinary (280)
English to Slovak 번역가: Cosmetics, Beauty (251)
English to Slovak 번역가: Medical: Dentistry (106)
English to Slovak 번역가: Media / Multimedia (435)
English to Slovak 번역가: Economics (494)
English to Slovak 번역가: Education / Pedagogy
English to Slovak 번역가: Electronics / Elect Eng
English to Slovak 번역가: Energy / Power Generation
English to Slovak 번역가: Engineering (general)
English to Slovak 번역가: Engineering: Industrial (230)
English to Slovak 번역가: Mechanics / Mech Engineering
English to Slovak 번역가: Nuclear Eng/Sci
English to Slovak 번역가: Environment & Ecology
English to Slovak 번역가: Esoteric practices (47)
English to Slovak 번역가: Fisheries (34)
English to Slovak 번역가: Folklore (116)
English to Slovak 번역가: Food & Drink
English to Slovak 번역가: Forestry / Wood / Timber (102)
English to Slovak 번역가: Furniture / Household Appliances (168)
English to Slovak 번역가: Games / Video Games / Gaming / Casino (202)
English to Slovak 번역가: Mining & Minerals / Gems (42)
English to Slovak 번역가: Genealogy
English to Slovak 번역가: General / Conversation / Greetings / Letters (456)
English to Slovak 번역가: Genetics (49)
English to Slovak 번역가: Geography (174)
English to Slovak 번역가: Geology (63)
English to Slovak 번역가: Government / Politics
English to Slovak 번역가: Photography/Imaging (& Graphic Arts)
English to Slovak 번역가: Medical: Health Care
English to Slovak 번역가: History (296)
English to Slovak 번역가: Tourism & Travel (820)
English to Slovak 번역가: Human Resources
English to Slovak 번역가: Idioms / Maxims / Sayings
English to Slovak 번역가: Insurance
English to Slovak 번역가: International Org/Dev/Coop (173)
English to Slovak 번역가: Internet, e-Commerce
English to Slovak 번역가: Investment / Securities (126)
English to Slovak 번역가: Metallurgy / Casting
English to Slovak 번역가: IT (Information Technology) (459)
English to Slovak 번역가: Journalism
English to Slovak 번역가: Real Estate (190)
English to Slovak 번역가: Law (general) (539)
English to Slovak 번역가: Law: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright
English to Slovak 번역가: Law: Taxation & Customs (196)
English to Slovak 번역가: Linguistics (388)
English to Slovak 번역가: Transport / Transportation / Shipping
English to Slovak 번역가: Management
English to Slovak 번역가: Manufacturing
English to Slovak 번역가: Ships, Sailing, Maritime
English to Slovak 번역가: Marketing / Market Research
English to Slovak 번역가: Mathematics & Statistics
English to Slovak 번역가: Medical (general)
English to Slovak 번역가: Medical: Cardiology (126)
English to Slovak 번역가: Medical: Instruments (185)
English to Slovak 번역가: Medical: Pharmaceuticals
English to Slovak 번역가: Meteorology
English to Slovak 번역가: Metrology (36)
English to Slovak 번역가: Military / Defense
English to Slovak 번역가: Music (270)
English to Slovak 번역가: Names (personal, company)
English to Slovak 번역가: Nutrition (182)
English to Slovak 번역가: Petroleum Eng/Sci
English to Slovak 번역가: Other
English to Slovak 번역가: Paper / Paper Manufacturing (66)
English to Slovak 번역가: Patents (88)
English to Slovak 번역가: Philosophy (170)
English to Slovak 번역가: Physics
English to Slovak 번역가: Printing & Publishing
English to Slovak 번역가: Psychology (258)
English to Slovak 번역가: Religion (173)
English to Slovak 번역가: Retail
English to Slovak 번역가: Safety (97)
English to Slovak 번역가: SAP
English to Slovak 번역가: Science (general)
English to Slovak 번역가: Slang (77)
English to Slovak 번역가: Social Science, Sociology, Ethics, etc.
English to Slovak 번역가: Sports / Fitness / Recreation (270)
English to Slovak 번역가: Surveying
English to Slovak 번역가: Wine / Oenology / Viticulture (58)
English to Slovak 번역가: Zoology

English to Slovak translators and interpreters

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Identity Verified   Igor Liba
  english to slovak
technical translations Slovak, automotive translations Slovak, hardware translations Slovak, household appliances manuals Slovak, electronics Slovak translations, Slovakian translations, Slovak translations, translations to Slovak, kosice translator, msds translations to Slovak, msds translations, Slovak translations, Slovak translator, Slovak localization, brand evaluation Slovak, transcreations Slovak, food translations Slovak, software localisation Slovak, app localisations Slovak, mobile apllications Slovak, market research Slovak, market research Slovak translations, food tranaslations Slovak, material Safety data sheets translations Slovak, translate Slovak, mtpe Slovak, post editing Slovak, eu translations Slovak, ... Slovak
1542 points
English to Slovak
Identity Verified   Vladimír Hoffman
  More than 25 years of experience
Slovak, English, financial statements, KIIDs, annual accounts, contracts, agreements, automotive, nuclear power engineering ... Slovak
370 points
English to Slovak
Identity Verified   Kristian Madar
  The voice of your Slovak translations
English to Slovak, Deutsch ins Slowakisch, German to Slovak, Englisch ins slowakisch, technischer übersetzter, übersetzter wirtschaft, technical translator, translator for economy, translator for contracts, übersetzter für Verträge, Slovakian translator, slowakischer Übersetzer, slovenský prekladateľ, german, Slovak, English, nemecky, anglicky, slovensky, deutsch, slowakisch, englisch, technický prekladateľ, prekladateľ ekonómia, prekladateľ zmluvy, slovenský prekladateľ, prekladateľ z angličtiny, prekladateľ z nemčiny, translator for Economics, translator for Investments, translator for Taxation, translator of Legal Contracts, translator of Court documents, translator of Police documents, translator of Healthcare documents, translator of Medical devices, translator for Construction industry, translator for Heavy machinery, translator for Machine technology translator for engineering, translator for Electrical Engineering, translator of Information Technology, translator for Environmen ... Slovak
252 points
English to Slovak
Identity Verified   Peter Hladky
  Experienced & reliable translator
Electrical engineering, machinery engineering, nuclear power engineering, power engineering, civil engineering, IT, computers, hardware, software, military, woodworking technology, medical technology, Patents, intellectual property, business, economy, laws. ... Slovak
118 points
English to Slovak
  Lucia [Lulu] Lay
  Translations with a heart
translation, translate, English, Slovak, preklady, anglictina, slovencina, cosmetics, clothing, fashion, Psychology, general, business, commerce, advertising, pr, marketing, manuals, technical, handbooks, video, games, psychologia, hry ... Slovak
110 points
English to Slovak
Identity Verified   Anton Šaliga
  Being a reliable partner is my priority
Slovak, translation. proofreading, chemistry, metallurgy, quality Management, technical literature, business, marketing, contracts, Geology, transport, medical instruments, legal correspondence, questionnaires, manuals, príručky, návody zmluvy, výročné správy, prospekty, financie, šport ... Slovak
68 points
English to Slovak
Identity Verified   Alžbeta Takácsová
  Legal, medical and pharmaceutical
translation, Slovak translator, Slovak native, sworn, sworn translator, sworn translations, English to Slovak, Hungarian to Slovak, Slovak to English, translate to Slovak, translations to Slovak, precise, quality translation, agreements, contracts, medical devices, manuals, user manuals, contract translation, PIL, clinical trial, EC letter, diploma, certificates, pharmaceutical, legal, questionnaire, questionnaire, business communication, internal, on time, CAT, Trados, Trados Studio 2017, Studio 2017, quick, conduct, mammography, clinical trial agreement, code of conduct, operator manual, Multiterm, informed consent, CT scans, CT scanner, syringe, insulin pump, SEO, Wordfast, IFU, protocol synopsis, dialysis, T&C, terms and conditions, consignment stock, affidavit, bank statement, police clearance, uterine fibroms, ancillary services, travel Insurance, pacemaker, brain stimulation, electrode, infusion, infusion pump, preklad, preklad do slovenčiny, úradný, úradný preklad, preklad s pe ... Slovak
68 points
English to Slovak
Identity Verified   Miroslav Menhert
  Slovak translator/copywriter – MNHRT.SK
copywriting, translation, transcreation, text editing, marketing, advertising, public relations, media, multimedia, culture, Music, creative, creativity, Linguistics, Journalism, technical marketing, technology, IT, computers, software, e-commerce, Slovak, Slovakia, English to Slovak, Slovak marketing translation ... Slovak
체코 공화국
50 points
English to Slovak
Identity Verified   Ivana Andersen Kapustova
  Medical and technical translations
Slowakische Übersetzung, Slovak Translation, Deutsch Slowakisch, Englisch Slowakisch, Dänisch Slowakisch, English Slovak, German Slovak, Danish Slovak, Dansk Slovakisk, oversættelse, Technik, Medizin, Technical, Medical, professional, ... Slovak
40 points
English to Slovak
Identity Verified   Dalibor Nicz
  Helping clients understand
Slovak, English, law, business, Accounting, audit, localisation ... Slovak
16 points
English to Slovak
Identity Verified   Maros Podstupka
  Professional translator
English, Slovak, translator, translation ... Slovak
12 points
English to Slovak
Identity Verified   Oskar Salay
English, German, Slovak, technical translation, simultaneous interpreting, software, IT, localization, professional, experienced, marketing, business, automotive, engineering, civil engineering, linguist, Slovak native, specialized, finance, translation services, freelance translator, en-sk translator, de-sk translator, IT translation, marketing translations, Oskar Salay, high-quality, reliable, ... Slovak
4 points
English to Slovak
Identity Verified   Daniela Revajova
  Focused on the target language quality
English to Slovak, English to Slovak translation, English to Slovak freelance translator, English to Slovak technical translation, spanish to Slovak translation, spanish to Slovak freelance translator, IT translation, computers, IT, science, hardware, software localization, mechanics, engineering, machinery, telcommunications, Slovak translator, traductor eslovaco, ... Slovak
0 points
English to Slovak
Identity Verified   Petra GLASOVA
  Your Slovak translator with Trados
Novel, book, website, localisation, SW, HW, IT, PC, manual, medical, medicine, machine, tool, banking, Economics, finance, Insurance, environment, ecology, Telecom(munications), electronics, Trados, Transit, SDLX, Mneme, game, household, appliance, advert, art, travel, tourism, health, cosmetics, gastronomy ... Slovak
0 points
English to Slovak
  Milada Major
  Sworn Translator (SLK‹›ENG‹›CZE)
Slovak, Czech, English, French, translation, interpreting, sworn translator, law, common, civil, company, labour, employment, criminal, court, decision, judgment, appeal, appellate review, contract, agreement, banking, business, economy, finance, annual report, financial statements, income statement, cash flow statement, balance sheet, memorandum of association, deed of incorporation, articles of association, bylaws, code of conduct, corporate policy, commercial register, business register, legal correspondence, business correspondence, corporate policy, IT, software, localization, marketing, investment, audit, Insurance, tax, tax return, travel, tourism, cuisine, technical manual, operating instructions, expert, professional, express same day service ... Slovak
42 points
English to Slovak
Identity Verified   peter zalupsky
  Long experience and dedication
chemistry&technology, science, business, Patents, manuals ... Slovak/Czech
81 points
English to Slovak
Identity Verified   Martin Lang
  Martin Lang
English translation, Slovak translation, tutor, translator ... Slovak
0 points
English to Slovak
Identity Verified   Dasa Berackova Slovak, European Union, legislative and general texts, humanities, proof-readig, editing ... Slovak
0 points
English to Slovak
Identity Verified   Jana Novomeska
  English to Slovak medical translator
advertisement, birth certificate, business, business translation, business translator, cat, cat tools, certificate, certified, clinical, clinical records, clinical research, clinical study translation, clinical trials, clinical trials localisation, clinical trials localization, clinical trials translation, competitive rates, criminal records, czech, czech ifu translations, czech human translator, czech human translation, czech professional translator, czech professional translations, czech translating, czech translation, czech translations, czech translator, editor, epr, electronic patient record, English, English Slovak translation, English Slovak translations, English Slovak translator, English czech translation, English czech translations, English czech translator, English to czech, English to czech translation, English to czech translations, English to czech translator, English to Slovak, English to Slovak translation, English to Slovak translations, English to Slovak translator, e ... Slovak/Czech
12 points
English to Slovak
Identity Verified   Igor BURAK
  Transl. since 1991, with vast techn.exp.
English, italian, Slovak, czech, technical, microectronics, electronics, automotive, mechanical, electrical, computers, software, hardware, media, audio, video, automation, robotics, internet, processes, metal works ... Slovak
495 points
English to Slovak
  Jan Ramza
  Specialist in medical translation
Geology, Certificates, Diplomas, Licenses, CVs, Chemistry; Chem Sci/Eng, Zoology, Business/Commerce (general), Law: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright, Law (general), Law: Contract(s), IT (Information Technology), Botany, Human Resources, Medical: Dentistry, Nutrition, Safety, Tourism & Travel, Medical (general), Patents, Medical: Cardiology, Genetics, Medical: Health Care, Science (general), Medical: Instruments, Environment & Ecology, Medical: Pharmaceuticals, Biology (-tech, -chem, micro-) ... Slovak
159 points
English to Slovak
Identity Verified   Vladimir Karoli
  High Quality & Flexibility
English, German, Slovak, Czech, technical, mechanical engineering, power engineering, electrical engineering, automotive, software, gaming, legal ... Slovak
130 points
English to Slovak
  Tomas Pocai
  Your native Slovak translator
Slovak, translation, native, native speaker, technology, tourism, Management, contracts, agreements, manuals, software, it, computer technology, Music ... Slovak
55 points
English to Slovak
Identity Verified   Stefan Pecen
  Expertise, reliability, and experience
Slovak, CAT, wordfast, trados, studio 2009, studio 2011, ttx, xliff, sdlxliff, telecom, software, operating manuals, paypal, authorized trainer ... Slovak
54 points
English to Slovak
Identity Verified   Gabriela Simonova
  Slovak legal translator for 15 years
sworn translation, sworn translator, certified translation, certified translator, European Union, law, trade, business, contract, marketing, social research, health, medicine, press release, report, Slovak, translations to Slovak, Slovakia, Slovak to English, English to Slovak, legal, journalistic, website, translation, editing, proofreading, revision, European Commission, European Parliament, employment, furniture, education, Italian, French, article, letter, industry, Embassy, Bratislava, Chamber of Commerce, ministry, travel, tourism, leisure, test developer, tests ... Slovak
40 points
English to Slovak
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