English to Ukrainian 번역: 자유번역가 및 자유통역사 디렉토리

English to Ukrainian 번역가 및 통역사 » General fields

English to Ukrainian Tech/Engineering 번역가 (2159)
English to Ukrainian Art/Literary 번역가 (4313)
English to Ukrainian Medical 번역가 (8922)
English to Ukrainian Law/Patents 번역가 (727)
English to Ukrainian Science 번역가 (2774)
English to Ukrainian Bus/Financial 번역가 (573)
English to Ukrainian Marketing 번역가 (4589)
English to Ukrainian Other 번역가 (887)
English to Ukrainian Social Sciences 번역가 (23)

English to Ukrainian 번역가 및 통역사 » Specific fields

English to Ukrainian 번역가: Accounting (771)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Advertising / Public Relations (1617)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Aerospace / Aviation / Space (396)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Agriculture
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Livestock / Animal Husbandry (202)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Anthropology (157)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Archaeology
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Architecture
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Art, Arts & Crafts, Painting
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Astronomy & Space (187)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Finance (general) (1776)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Automation & Robotics (384)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Automotive / Cars & Trucks
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Biology (-tech,-chem,micro-) (407)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Botany (181)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Construction / Civil Engineering (935)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Business/Commerce (general) (2142)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Materials (Plastics, Ceramics, etc.)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Certificates, Diplomas, Licenses, CVs (1229)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Chemistry; Chem Sci/Eng (412)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Poetry & Literature (1206)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Cinema, Film, TV, Drama (1120)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Textiles / Clothing / Fashion
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Telecom(munications)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Computers (general)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Computers: Hardware (709)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Computers: Software
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Computers: Systems, Networks
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Law: Contract(s)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Cooking / Culinary (781)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Cosmetics, Beauty (783)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Medical: Dentistry
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Media / Multimedia (899)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Economics (1401)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Education / Pedagogy (1701)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Electronics / Elect Eng (682)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Energy / Power Generation (671)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Engineering (general) (1055)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Engineering: Industrial
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Mechanics / Mech Engineering (801)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Nuclear Eng/Sci (212)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Environment & Ecology (864)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Esoteric practices (198)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Fisheries (57)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Folklore (250)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Food & Drink
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Forestry / Wood / Timber
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Furniture / Household Appliances (421)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Games / Video Games / Gaming / Casino (738)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Mining & Minerals / Gems (199)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Genealogy (73)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: General / Conversation / Greetings / Letters
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Genetics
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Geography (490)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Geology
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Government / Politics (1104)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Photography/Imaging (& Graphic Arts) (350)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Medical: Health Care (918)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: History
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Tourism & Travel
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Human Resources
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Idioms / Maxims / Sayings (295)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Insurance
English to Ukrainian 번역가: International Org/Dev/Coop
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Internet, e-Commerce
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Investment / Securities
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Metallurgy / Casting (321)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: IT (Information Technology)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Journalism
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Real Estate (555)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Law (general) (1390)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Law: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright (626)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Law: Taxation & Customs
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Linguistics
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Transport / Transportation / Shipping
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Management
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Manufacturing
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Ships, Sailing, Maritime (245)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Marketing / Market Research (1173)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Mathematics & Statistics
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Medical (general) (1149)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Medical: Cardiology (257)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Medical: Instruments (361)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Medical: Pharmaceuticals
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Meteorology
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Metrology (93)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Military / Defense
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Music (553)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Names (personal, company)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Nutrition
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Petroleum Eng/Sci (453)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Other (307)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Paper / Paper Manufacturing
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Patents
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Philosophy (378)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Physics (204)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Printing & Publishing
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Psychology
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Religion (552)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Retail (292)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Safety (122)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: SAP
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Science (general) (839)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Slang (161)
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Social Science, Sociology, Ethics, etc.
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Sports / Fitness / Recreation
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Surveying
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Wine / Oenology / Viticulture
English to Ukrainian 번역가: Zoology

English to Ukrainian translators and interpreters

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Identity Verified   Dmitrie Highduke
Ukraine, translation agencies, webmasters, companies and individuals, experience, deadline, quality assurance, effective budget, services, Website translation, HTML, , plain text, Translation of documents, editing, Proofreading, Localization, Estimation, mOther tongues, Russian, Ukrainian, language pairs, English Russian translation, English Ukrainian translation, Russian English translation, Ukrainian English translation, Ukrainian Russian translation, German Russian translation, German Ukrainian translation, degree, Bachelor’s degree, Linguistics, Master’s degree, references, 0.07 USD, 0.05 EUR, per word, 0.035 USD, 0.025 EUR, methods of payment, Bank transfer, Western Union, Postal order, Check, software, Trados, TagEditor, MS Office, Photoshop, SDLX Lite, expertise, Agricultural, Automotive, Building, Business Letters, Communications, Economics, Education, Engineering, Equipment, HTML, IT, Legal, Literary, Manuals, Marketing, Meal, Medical, Oil&Gas, Technical, Travel, Ukraine, Über ... Russian/Ukrainian
320 points
English to Ukrainian
Identity Verified   Myron Netchypor
japanese, ウクライナ語, ロシア語, イングランド語, chinese, 乌克兰语, 俄语, 英语, korean, 우크라이나어, 러시아어, 영어, automotive, technology, electrical engineering, Mac, Macintosh, Mac OS X, Macbook Windows XP, mechanical, telecommunication, localization, localize, mobile phones, scanner, printer, camera, digital camera, lens, DVD, Home Theater System, DVD-player, DVD-recorder, engineering, metallurgical engineering, machine-building, machinery construction, technical translation, manual, software manual, hardware manual, instruction, instructions, guide, quick start guide, programs guide, printer, computer, scanner, localization, business, transport, transportation, Economics, studing, language, law, jurisdical, diplomatic, oil, gas, presentation, diplomatic, computers, correspondence, travel, literature, science, sport, tourism, travel, education, culture, marketing texts, marketing text, marketing ... Ukrainian/Russian
253 points
English to Ukrainian
Identity Verified   Nadiya_S
  Clothing/Fashion, Tourism, Law:Contracts
Translator, eng-ukr, eng-rus, localization, Ukrainian, Russian, перекладач, з англійської на українську, переводчик с английского, переводчик на русский ... Ukrainian/Russian
202 points
English to Ukrainian
Identity Verified   Roman Soluk
  Professional UKR & RUS translations
English, Ukrainian, Russian, translator, translations, competitive rates, professional, experienced, business, marketing, advertising, travel, tourism, Management, linguist. ... Ukrainian/Russian
184 points
English to Ukrainian
Identity Verified   Zoryana Dorak
  Sworn Translator!
translation and proofreading services, from English into Ukrainian and vice versa, from Russian into English, fields I work in, Accounting, business, audit, law, banking, advertising, marketing, politics, education, Economics ... Ukrainian/Russian
98 points
English to Ukrainian
Identity Verified   Vadim Khazin
  over 40 years of experience
Geology, engineering, environment, Russian, Ukrainian, legal, business, literature, advertisement, edit, translate, transcribe, interpret ... Russian/Ukrainian
78 points
English to Ukrainian
Identity Verified   Gulliette
  Do what you love and love what you do
medical translation, pharmaceutical translation, clinical trials, proofreading, editing, English to Ukrainian translation, Ukrainian to English translation, translation of History-related articles, artistic translation, legal translation, technical translation, Economics-related translation, English-Russian translation, Russian-English translation, localization, adaptation, biology, biological engineering, professional translation, interpreting, over the phone interpreting, pharmaceuticals, law, contracts, Lviv-based interpreter, перекладач, усний перекладач Львів, професійний медичний перекладач, професійний сертифікований перекладач, усний послідовний переклад, усний синхронний переклад, юридичний переклад, переводчик Львов, устный последовательный перевод, устный синхронный перевод, медицинский перевод, юридический перевод, письменные переводы, фармацевтика, медицина, право, контракты, клинические исследования, медицинское оборудование, переводчик с английского, NATO, international ... Ukrainian/Russian
12 points
English to Ukrainian
Identity Verified   Denys Dömin
  12+ years in T10n & L10n, 7.5 mn words
technische übersetzung deutsch russisch, übersetzung deutsch russisch, English to russian translator, translator English to russian, deutsch russisch übersetzung, English to Ukrainian translation, übersetzung russisch, translation from English to russian, English Ukrainian translator, translation English to Ukrainian, übersetzer deutsch ukrainisch, übersetzung deutsch ukrainisch, deutsch ukrainisch übersetzer, übersetzung deutsch russisch preise, casual game, stragegy, RPG, arcade, mobile app, iOS app, Android app, gear motor, Getriebe, Bedienungsanleitung, Betriebsanleitung, Installationsanleitung, operation manual, installation manual, intravascular, good governance, anti-corruption, compliance, human capital Management, software localization, ERP, SAP, market research, corporate code, health care, clinical protocol, HRM, HCM ... Russian/Ukrainian
36 points
English to Ukrainian
Identity Verified   Julia_Zubkova
Ukrainian, English, French, Italian, legal, law, banking, oil & gas, Religion, Philosophy, government ... Ukrainian/Russian
0 points
English to Ukrainian
  Olga Zubkova
  Yes, I'm an excellent translator!
translation, Ukrainian, Russian, English, law, contracts, audit, reports, legal, translator, banking, Economics, finance, passports, certificates, license, general, business, marketing, Management, correspondence, letter, proposal, offer, documents, Accounting ... Ukrainian/Russian
0 points
English to Ukrainian
Identity Verified   Helen Gerdova
  your docs in safe hands
freelance, translator, transcreator, editor, proofreader, localizer, law, legal, charter, by-laws, articles of association, business, commerce, memorandum of understanding, contract, agreement, power of attorney, marketing, IT marketing, web-site, menu, e-learning, HR, human resource, personnel training, media, Real Estate, property, cosmetics, personal development, home, leisure, travel guides, travel, guides, web-sites, beauty, perfume, Real Estate, training manuals, fashion, jewelry, internet, Management, publishing, cookery, diet, Nutrition, drinks, hotel, food, wine, PR, newsletters, tourism, experienced, skilled, dedicated, hospitality, hotels, cuisine, leisure, home, English to Ukrainian, English-Ukrainian, English to Russian, English-Russian, Spanish to Russian, Spanish-Russian, Spanish to Ukrainian, Spanish-to Ukrainian, Ukrainian-Russian, Russian-Ukrainian, native speaker ... Russian/Ukrainian
0 points
English to Ukrainian
Identity Verified   Yana Anufriyeva
  Translator English, Ukrainian, Russian
translator, translation, translate, translating, testing, test, tester, qa tester, qa testing, proofreading, proofreader, proofer, reviewer, editing, editor, lqa, qa, software, engineering, electronics, mechanics, home appliances, industry, technology, computer systems, computer networks, internet, computers, games, web-games, webgames, web game, web games, web, games testing, game testing, game tester, pc games, pc game, video game, videogames, online game, online games, tester, testing, disney, sony, google, ms, microsoft, epson, media, multimedia, it, software, hardware, elections, literature, Linguistics, station, stations, instruction, description, user manual, manuals, user guide, guides, training, mobile phones, printers, subtitles, subtitling, movie, movies, localise, localize, localisation, localization, localising, localizing, localisator, localizator, cat, trados, sdlx, locstudio, English, Ukrainian, russian, en-ru, eng-rus, en-rus, English-Ukrainian, English-russian, ukrain ... Ukrainian/Russian
0 points
English to Ukrainian
  Andrey Ishchenko
  Best Value for Money
Translation, translate, translator, proofreading, proofread, proofreader, edit, editing, editor, interpret, interpreter, interpreting, interpretation, check, checking, reviser, revise, revision ... Ukrainian/Russian
16 points
English to Ukrainian
Identity Verified   Mykhailo Voloshko
  Engineer & Linguist
Russian translator, Ukrainian translator, Russian engineer and linguist, Ukrainian engineer and linguist, EnglishUkrainian website localization, English—Russian software localization, English to Russian translation, Russian translation services, English to Ukrainian translation, Ukrainian translation, English Ukrainian translation, Russian legal translation, legal document translation services, software localization services, translation and interpretation services, patent translation services, English to Russian MSDS translation, English to Ukrainian MSDS translation, material Safety data sheet translation. ... Ukrainian/Russian
11 points
English to Ukrainian
Identity Verified   Ruslan Samoylyuk
  Let each man exercise the art he knows
translation, editing, proofreading, localization, website, native speaker, English to russian, English to Ukrainian, polish to russian, polish to Ukrainian, german to russian, german to Ukrainian, finance, engineering, electronics, cooking, culinary, medical, business, commerce, Accounting, advertising, public relations, SAP, transport, transportation, shipping, Folklore, education, pedagogy, cosmetics, beauty, law, computers, software, hardware, Telecom(munications), textiles, clothing, cinema, film, tv, Agriculture, food, sports, fitness, conversation, greetings, letters, government, politics, networks, media, multimedia, marketing, market research, tourism, travel, it, information technology, investment, securities, Insurance, History, Geography, memoq, across, adobe acrobat, dejavu, excel, word, omegat, powerpoint, trados, wordfast, перевод, на русский, на украинский, с английского, с польского, с немецкого, профессиональный, редактирование, локализация, финансы, экономика, бизнес, м ... Russian/Ukrainian
8 points
English to Ukrainian
  Anzhelika Kuznetsova
  Psychology, Finance and Law
Ukrainian, russian, translation, translator, interpreting, interpreter, consecutive interpreter, conference interpreter, simultaneous interpreter, quality, reliable, timely, business, Economics, marketing, legal documents, law, finance, contracts, agreements, marriage certificate, birth certificate, loan agreement, corporate banking, Retail banking, fraud prevention, AML, CTF, civil capacity building, juvenile justice, financial statements, IFRS, annual statements, auditor's report, audited financial statements, articles of association, share purchase agreement, Insurance, Psychology, cognitive, interventions, behaviours, changes of behaviour, social learning, social reintegration, trauma, trauma-informed appoach, PTSD, ambiguous grief, transference, counter transference, attachment theory, subtitling, transcreation ... Russian/Ukrainian
8 points
English to Ukrainian
Identity Verified   Vitaliy Parfeniuk
  Legal&Medical EN-UA/RU
English to Ukrainian, Ukrainian, English to Russian, Russian, Russian for Ukraine, українська, русский, based in Ukraine, native speaker, translation, translator, localization, website localization, website translation, web-site, CAT, CAT-tools, SDL Trados Studio, Wordfast, Translation Workspace, general, legal translation, agreement, legal documentation, law, Judiciary, Jurisprudence, contract, contracts, Patents, Civil law, Contract law, Common law, International law, Constitutional law, Administrative law, Criminal law, Tort law, Property law, Labour law, Human rights, civil rights, human rights law, Immigration law, nationality law, Social security, Family law, Transactional law, Company law, Commercial law, Intellectual property law, Restitution, Competition law, antitrust law, Consumer law, Environmental law, economic, Economics, articles, analytics, business, business correspondence, мarketing, commerce, government, politics, security, military, defence, intelligence, market res ... Russian/Ukrainian
4 points
English to Ukrainian
Identity Verified   Alexander Saksonov
  Reliable & Fast Translations
technical, translation, freelance, translator, English, german, native, russian, Ukrainian, user manual, automotive, software, IT, computer, mechanics, industry, machines ... Russian/Ukrainian
4 points
English to Ukrainian
Identity Verified   Nadya Korolyak
  Just in time and in a good manner
English, Czech, Ukrainian, Russian, translator, localization, proofreading, editing ... Russian/Ukrainian
0 points
English to Ukrainian
Identity Verified   Oleksandr Bereza
  Translator, Editor, Practicing physician
translation, medical, medicine, Ukrainian, Russian, English, clinical trials, patient, doctor, localization ... Russian/Ukrainian
0 points
English to Ukrainian
Identity Verified   Anna Ivanchenko
  Conveying the power of words
conference interpreter, consecutive interpreter, simultaneous interpreter, translator, English-Russian translator, English-Ukrainian translator, French-Russian translator, French-Ukrainian translator, legal translation, business translation, oil and gas translation, literary translation, film translation, subtitling, перевод с английского языка, англо-русский перевод, англо-украинский перевод, перевод с французского языка, французско-русский перевод, французско-украинский перевод, устный перевод, письменный перевод, синхронный перевод, последовательный перевод, нефтегаз, литературный перевод, юридический перевод, экономический перевод, киноперевод, субтитрирование, переклад з англійської мови, англо-російський переклад, англо-український переклад, переклад з французької мови, французько-російський переклад, французько-український переклад, усний переклад, письмовий переклад, синхронний переклад, послідовний переклад, нафтогаз, літературний переклад, юридичний переклад, економічний пере ... Russian/Ukrainian
0 points
English to Ukrainian
Identity Verified   Andrei Besedin
  Life is good
simultaneous, conference, interpreting, law, contract, software, localization, Microsoft, ibm, trados, logoport, idiom, novell, native, consequtive, interpreter, interpretor, italian, kiev, interpreting, Ukrainian, russian, ukraine, russia, focus group, simultaneous, interpreting, subtitle, subtitling, IT, translations, синхронный перевод, переводчик ... Ukrainian/Russian
0 points
English to Ukrainian
Identity Verified   Vladys
  a top-rated native English-Ukrainian-Rus
lower cost translation, Ukrainian, Proofreading Services, English, Russian, Chinese, law, clinical trials, pharmaceutical, medicine, biopharma, system analysis, military, defense, academic science, structural engineering, construction, survey, hi-tech, Accounting, general business, native style, питомо українська лексика, Trados, Across ... English/Ukrainian
554 points
English to Ukrainian
Identity Verified   Natalie
English to russian translation, English to russian translator, russian translator, biochemistry, bioPhysics, biology, ecology, pharmacology, medicine, medical, CRF, clinical trial protocols, informed consent, chemistry, MSDS, occupational Safety, pharmaceutical, pharmacology, Physics, research papers, environment, software, hardware, website localization, fiction, diplomas, certificates, academic transcripts, case report forms, CRF, clinical trial protocols, drug registration, informed consent forms, ICF, IVRS, user guides, instructions for use, IFU, leaflets, manuals, surgical devices, medical equipment, package inserts, labels, patient information, pharmacological research reports, quality of life, questionnaires, diploma, transcript, birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce cetificate, death certificate, literature ... Russian
486 points
English to Ukrainian
Identity Verified   AndriyRubashnyy
  Quantity flatters, but quality matters.
Ukrainian, Russian, German, English, Medicine, engineering, mechanics, subtitling, cardiology, gastroenterology, onkology, automotive, Deutsch, Ukrainisch, Russisch, Englisch, Medizin, automobilindustrie, Onkologie, Kardiologie, Gastroenterologie, Medizinberichte, technische Übersetzungen, Untertitelung, Lokalisierung ... Ukrainian/Russian
368 points
English to Ukrainian
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