Polish to English 번역: 자유번역가 및 자유통역사 디렉토리

Polish to English 번역가 및 통역사 » General fields

Polish to English Tech/Engineering 번역가 (1268)
Polish to English Art/Literary 번역가 (23548)
Polish to English Medical 번역가 (17867)
Polish to English Law/Patents 번역가 (19444)
Polish to English Science 번역가 (1472)
Polish to English Bus/Financial 번역가 (10118)
Polish to English Marketing 번역가 (23383)
Polish to English Other 번역가 (1465)
Polish to English Social Sciences 번역가 (3291)

Polish to English 번역가 및 통역사 » Specific fields

Polish to English 번역가: Accounting (1092)
Polish to English 번역가: Advertising / Public Relations (2050)
Polish to English 번역가: Aerospace / Aviation / Space (259)
Polish to English 번역가: Agriculture (515)
Polish to English 번역가: Livestock / Animal Husbandry
Polish to English 번역가: Anthropology
Polish to English 번역가: Archaeology
Polish to English 번역가: Architecture (371)
Polish to English 번역가: Art, Arts & Crafts, Painting (831)
Polish to English 번역가: Astronomy & Space (170)
Polish to English 번역가: Finance (general)
Polish to English 번역가: Automation & Robotics (361)
Polish to English 번역가: Automotive / Cars & Trucks (766)
Polish to English 번역가: Biology (-tech,-chem,micro-)
Polish to English 번역가: Botany
Polish to English 번역가: Construction / Civil Engineering (1022)
Polish to English 번역가: Business/Commerce (general)
Polish to English 번역가: Materials (Plastics, Ceramics, etc.)
Polish to English 번역가: Certificates, Diplomas, Licenses, CVs (1838)
Polish to English 번역가: Chemistry; Chem Sci/Eng (504)
Polish to English 번역가: Poetry & Literature (1710)
Polish to English 번역가: Cinema, Film, TV, Drama
Polish to English 번역가: Textiles / Clothing / Fashion
Polish to English 번역가: Telecom(munications) (965)
Polish to English 번역가: Computers (general) (1698)
Polish to English 번역가: Computers: Hardware (786)
Polish to English 번역가: Computers: Software (1258)
Polish to English 번역가: Computers: Systems, Networks (820)
Polish to English 번역가: Law: Contract(s) (2189)
Polish to English 번역가: Cooking / Culinary
Polish to English 번역가: Cosmetics, Beauty (834)
Polish to English 번역가: Medical: Dentistry
Polish to English 번역가: Media / Multimedia (1438)
Polish to English 번역가: Economics (1578)
Polish to English 번역가: Education / Pedagogy
Polish to English 번역가: Electronics / Elect Eng (603)
Polish to English 번역가: Energy / Power Generation
Polish to English 번역가: Engineering (general)
Polish to English 번역가: Engineering: Industrial (532)
Polish to English 번역가: Mechanics / Mech Engineering
Polish to English 번역가: Nuclear Eng/Sci (139)
Polish to English 번역가: Environment & Ecology (1044)
Polish to English 번역가: Esoteric practices
Polish to English 번역가: Fisheries (88)
Polish to English 번역가: Folklore
Polish to English 번역가: Food & Drink (1059)
Polish to English 번역가: Forestry / Wood / Timber (227)
Polish to English 번역가: Furniture / Household Appliances (487)
Polish to English 번역가: Games / Video Games / Gaming / Casino (1004)
Polish to English 번역가: Mining & Minerals / Gems (171)
Polish to English 번역가: Genealogy (128)
Polish to English 번역가: General / Conversation / Greetings / Letters (1922)
Polish to English 번역가: Genetics
Polish to English 번역가: Geography (529)
Polish to English 번역가: Geology (177)
Polish to English 번역가: Government / Politics (1515)
Polish to English 번역가: Photography/Imaging (& Graphic Arts) (476)
Polish to English 번역가: Medical: Health Care (1177)
Polish to English 번역가: History (1008)
Polish to English 번역가: Tourism & Travel
Polish to English 번역가: Human Resources
Polish to English 번역가: Idioms / Maxims / Sayings (432)
Polish to English 번역가: Insurance
Polish to English 번역가: International Org/Dev/Coop
Polish to English 번역가: Internet, e-Commerce (1198)
Polish to English 번역가: Investment / Securities (473)
Polish to English 번역가: Metallurgy / Casting (229)
Polish to English 번역가: IT (Information Technology)
Polish to English 번역가: Journalism
Polish to English 번역가: Real Estate
Polish to English 번역가: Law (general)
Polish to English 번역가: Law: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright (872)
Polish to English 번역가: Law: Taxation & Customs (874)
Polish to English 번역가: Linguistics (1538)
Polish to English 번역가: Transport / Transportation / Shipping (1091)
Polish to English 번역가: Management
Polish to English 번역가: Manufacturing
Polish to English 번역가: Ships, Sailing, Maritime (216)
Polish to English 번역가: Marketing / Market Research (1651)
Polish to English 번역가: Mathematics & Statistics (279)
Polish to English 번역가: Medical (general) (1666)
Polish to English 번역가: Medical: Cardiology
Polish to English 번역가: Medical: Instruments (379)
Polish to English 번역가: Medical: Pharmaceuticals
Polish to English 번역가: Meteorology (42)
Polish to English 번역가: Metrology (70)
Polish to English 번역가: Military / Defense
Polish to English 번역가: Music (825)
Polish to English 번역가: Names (personal, company)
Polish to English 번역가: Nutrition
Polish to English 번역가: Petroleum Eng/Sci
Polish to English 번역가: Other (498)
Polish to English 번역가: Paper / Paper Manufacturing
Polish to English 번역가: Patents (230)
Polish to English 번역가: Philosophy (499)
Polish to English 번역가: Physics (178)
Polish to English 번역가: Printing & Publishing
Polish to English 번역가: Psychology
Polish to English 번역가: Religion (668)
Polish to English 번역가: Retail
Polish to English 번역가: Safety
Polish to English 번역가: SAP
Polish to English 번역가: Science (general) (979)
Polish to English 번역가: Slang (272)
Polish to English 번역가: Social Science, Sociology, Ethics, etc.
Polish to English 번역가: Sports / Fitness / Recreation
Polish to English 번역가: Surveying (275)
Polish to English 번역가: Wine / Oenology / Viticulture (117)
Polish to English 번역가: Zoology (225)

Polish to English translators and interpreters

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Identity Verified   Luke Evans
Luke, Evans, translator, tłumacz, translation, tłumaczenie, translate, przetłumaczyć, native, speaker, TRADOS, English, angielski, Polish, polski ... English
933 points
Polish to English
Identity Verified   Stuart Dowell
Polish translator, English translation, Polish translation, English to Polish, Polish to English translation, Polish English translation, Polish to English, Polish English translator, English to Polish translation, English to Polish translator, English to Polish dictionary, translate English to Polish, translate Polish to English, English Polish translator, English Polish web translation, Polish language translator, Polish to English translator, Polish translations, language translator Polish to English, English Polish translation, translator Polish, Polish translators, English to Polish language translation, translation Polish to English, translation translator Polish English, Polish to English translate, translation from English to Polish, translation of Polish to English, tralate English to Polish, Polish language translators, Polish to English language translator, pol eng translation, translator Polish English, translator from English to Polish, Polish commercial translator, Polish ... English
553 points
Polish to English
Identity Verified   Lena Nemeth
  Distinction in Translation
Polish to English Translation, Polish to English Translator, Polish, English, Translation, Translator, Literature, Tourism, Travel, Pedagogy, Native English Speaker, United Kingdom, Articles, Newspaper, Market Research, Legal, Law, Contracts, Letter, Idioms, Sayings, General Conversation, Poetry, Literary, Other, Polish to English, PL - EN, Folklore, Cooking/Culinary, Cinema, Film, TV, Novels, Books, Photography, Lena, Nemeth, Lena Nemeth, Website Optimisation, ... English
127 points
Polish to English
Identity Verified   Krys Williams
  Medical / pharmaceutical expertise
medicine, biology, biomedicine, toxicology, pharmaceuticals, drugs, regulatory, pharmacology, cell biology, immunology, proofreading, editing, abstracting, indexing, clinical trials ... English
52 points
Polish to English
Identity Verified   Maria Marais
  ...Preparation is the key to success...
Polish, medical records, book of evidence, welfare, mental health, advocacy ... Polish/English
20 points
Polish to English
Identity Verified   Bartosz Paduch
  Financial and Legal Translations
law, legal translations, contracts, agreements, economy, finance, financial translations, banking, EU, business translations, reports, financial statements, procedures, user manuals, Management, Accounting, CAT, memoQ, prawo, tłumaczenia prawnicze, umowy, ekonomia, finanse, tłumaczenia finansowe, bankowość, marketing, UE, tłumaczenia biznesowe, sprawozdania, procedury, instrukcje, zarządzanie, tłumaczenia specjalistyczne, rachunkowość ... Polish
28 points
Polish to English
  Renata Gnyp
  certified translator of English
Polish, polski, law, prawo, finance, finanse, medicine, medycyna, translation, pisemne, interpretation, ustne, sworn, certified, tłumacz przysięgły angielskiego, sworn translator in English, angielski ... Polish
0 points
Polish to English
  Marie Christine Skrutkowska
legal documents, contracts, agreements, due diligence reports, licenses, Patents, statutes, by-laws, constitutive documents, board minutes, shareholder resolutions, certificates, financial reports, finance products, regulations, acts, corporate documents, transactional documents ... Swedish/English
8 points
Polish to English
Identity Verified   Pawel Kubiak
  Prompt. Competitive. Certified.
Polish interpreter, Polish translator, certified Polish interpreter, certified Polish translator, polski tlumacz, polski tlumacz przysiegly, interpreter cambridge, tlumacz przysiegly, translator cambridge, Polish interpreter uk, tlumacz wloski, italian translator, tlumacz hiszpanski, spanish translator ... Polish
8 points
Polish to English
Identity Verified   Kuba Kościelniak
  Reliable and experienced translator.
English, Polish, translations, medical, pharmaceutical, clinical studies, clinical trials, research, pharmacology, pharmacovigilance, protocols, summary, discharge reports, medical instruments, informed consent, ICF, information leaflet, PIL, SmPC, product characteristics, IMPD, dossier, regulatory, ethics, bioethics, IRB, CRO, research organisation, patient facing documents, clinical trial agreements, chemistry, MSDS, Safety data sheets, Patents, labware, laboratory instruments, chemical reagents, angielski, polski, tłumaczenia, medyczne, farmacja, farmaceutyczne, badania kliniczne, próby kliniczne, badania naukowe, farmakologia, protokoły, streszczenia, karty leczenia szpitalnego, instrumenty medyczne, świadoma zgoda, formularze świadomej zgody, ulotki, ulotki do leków, ulotki dla pacjenta, ChPL, charakterystyka produktu, charakterystyka produktu leczniczego, dossier produktu badanego, produkt badany, lek eksperymentalny, urzędy regulacyjne, komisja bioetyczna, komisja etyczna, URPL, ... Polish
714 points
Polish to English
Identity Verified   Adam Lankamer
  Financial & Legal Translation
IPO, Pre-IPO, SPO, underwriting, lead arranger, prospectus, SICAV, certified translation, sworn translation, law, finance, Accounting, business, marketing, banking, human rights, IT, computer and Internet technologies, tłumaczenia finansowe, tłumaczenia prawne, tłumaczenia specjalistyczne, tłumaczenia przysięgłe, rachunkowość, prawo, finanse, bankowość, Polish translations, Polish legal translations, Polish financial translations, diploma in translation, IOL, structured products ... Polish
10668 points
Polish to English
Identity Verified   Maciek Drobka
  Beyond Words
mobile phones, mobile devices, mobile technology, mobile communications, telephony, communications, Telecom(munications), pc, computers, computer networks, corporate, corporate communications, software localization, software localisation, user guides, user manuals, instruction manuals, documentation, online help, web sites, web content, web site localisation, mfp, mfd, all-in-ones, printing, printers, brochures, presentations, hardware, marketing, pr, public relations, press releases, advertising, it, information technology, media, multimedia, Internet, e-Commerce, mobile content, mobile services, digital imaging, digital photography, mobile photography, mobile imaging, Microsoft, Nokia, Microsoft style, Microsoft guidelines, English to Polish, telefony komórkowe, urządzenia przenośne, urządzenia mobilne, technologia mobilna, komunikacja bezprzewodowa, łączność bezprzewodowa, telefonia komórkowa, telekomunikacja, komputery, sieci komputerowe, lokalizacja oprogramowania, tłumaczenia, instrukcje obsługi, podręczniki użytkownika, dokumentacja, pomoc onlin ... Polish
5908 points
Polish to English
Identity Verified   Jerry Dean
  Your Christian contact in Poland!
Christianity, Bible, Barnaba, ustne, korekta, tłumaczenia, tłumaczenie, tłumacz, niemiecki, angielski, rosyjski, polski, symultaniczne, konsekutywne, pisemne, Biuro Tłumaczeń, Język, Przysięgłe, techniczne, instrukcje, prawnicze, Biznes, Darmowa wycena, Gdynia, Jerry, Dean, Barnabas, Christian, Logos, Native speaker, Church, Logoscom, Interpretation, Proofreading translation, translations, Translator, English, Polish, Simultaneous, Consecutive, Written, Translation office, Languages, Sworn, Technical, Instructions, Legal, Business, Free quotes, Accounting, Auditing, Advertising, Architecture, Art, Crafts, Painting, Banking, Financial Law, Business, Commerce, general, Building, Construction, Computers, Diplomas, CVs, Licenses, Certificates, Ecology, Environment, Education, Pedagogy, European Union, Finance, Economics, Food, Nutrition, Dairy, Technology, Conversation, Greetings, Letters, Government, Politics, Human Resources, Industry, Technology, International, Development, Cooperation, ... English
493 points
Polish to English
Identity Verified   Clinton Muoto
  Medical Doctor. Med/Pharm/General text
Polish - English Freelance Translator, English Native Speaker, Medical and Pharmaceuticals. ... English
432 points
Polish to English
Identity Verified   Stanislaw Semczuk
property, law, software, Accounting, finance ... English
72 points
Polish to English
Identity Verified   Anita A
  18 years in biomedical research
Polish, English, biology, research papers, medical, biomedical, Genetics ... English
57 points
Polish to English
  Pro Linguo
  Bilingual English/Polish Native Speaker
Polish, legal, medical, bilingual ... English
0 points
Polish to English
  Katherine Sotejeff-Wilson
  Translating research: medical & academic
Finnish, Polish, German, editing, academic, medical, pharmaceutical, clinical trials, science, environment, green chemistry, digital humanities, theology, History, NGOs ... English
0 points
Polish to English
Identity Verified   polsKArina
  Professional Polish>English Translation
Keywords: Polish, English, Polish into English, English into Polish, birth certificate, marriage license, polski, angielski, tlumacz, tlumaczenie, Polish translation, Polish translator, polski tlumacz, polskie tlumaczenie, Polish English translation, Polish English translator, Polish English translate, polski angielski tlumacz, polskiego angielskiego tlumacz, certified translation, Polish certified translation, medical translation, Polish translation, Polish English translation, Polish to English, English to Polish, Polish license, Polish diploma, professional Polish, professional translator, poland diploma, poland translator ... English/Polish
480 points
Polish to English
Identity Verified   Paul Merriam
  Years of experience
criminal law, narcotics, fraud, derecho penal, narcóticos, dolo contractual, Strafrecht, Rauschgift, Betrug, prawo karne, narkotyki, oszustwo, уголовное право, наркотики, мошеничество ... English
203 points
Polish to English
  Daniel Sax
  Native English, solid local knowledge
press, politics, Economics, legal, securities, science, Linguistics ... English
106 points
Polish to English
Identity Verified   Anna Stewart
  Experienced and qualified translator
English, British, UK, Polish, business, marketing, media, Journalism, fashion, literature, cooking, idioms, Slang, colloquial, certificates, culture, sociology, History, contracts, letters, EU, market research ... Polish/English
68 points
Polish to English
  Suhan Yilmaz
  Your Bridge to the Global Audience
, Automotive / Cars & Trucks, Law: Contract(s), Internet, e-Commerce, Games / Video Games / Gaming / Casino, Engineering (general), Energy / Power Generation, Construction / Civil Engineering, Computers: Software, Business/Commerce (general), Telecom(munications) ... Polish/English
0 points
Polish to English
Identity Verified   Michal Wilk
  Fast and reliable
English, Polish, translation, translator, fast, reliable, cheap, tlumacz, tlumaczenie, polski angielski, ekspres, express, app, localization, localisation, technical, medical, software, mac, windows ... Polish/English
0 points
Polish to English
  D. Wisniewski
Polish, polski, English, angielski, translation, tlumaczenie, text, tekst, document, dokumenty, Real Estate, nieruchomosci, sztuka, art, biography, biografia, language, jezyk, lignwistyka, linguistic, bank, bankowosc, cheap, tani fast, szybko, reliable, good, dobry, tlumacz, translator. biegly, native, internet ... English/Polish
0 points
Polish to English
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